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Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa Movie Review

, Sep 2, 2016, 05.26PM IST


CAST:Jimmy Shergill, Arbaaz Khan, Pooja Chopra, Bruna Abdullah
DURATION:2 hours

STORY: Acting on instinct, Mann bashes up a guy who eve-teases his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the guy turns out to be the younger brother of a gangster in Thailand. Will Mann suffer the same fate or will luck favour him?

REVIEW: Scenic locales, beautiful ladies, comedy and action; Yea Toh Too Much Ho Gayaa (YTTMHG) has everything that goes into making an entertainer. Yet, it doesn’t really entertain.

Mann (Jimmy) is looking to make it big in Thailand but after the encounter with the gangster’s (Arbaaz) younger brother, his life is at risk. His girlfriend Tina (Bruna) convinces him that in order to escape the gangster’s wrath, he must go back to India. On the other hand, Mann’s twin brother Mohan embarks on a mission to bring his brother back to India too. Call it coincidence or a chance turn of events (or lazy scripting), while Mann lands in India to meet his brother and mother (Zarina), Mohan ends up in Thailand. Now, both the brothers have to resolve problems plaguing their lives, only, by swapping identities.

Many might consider watching Jimmy Shergill in a double role a treat, but even the talented actor (multiplied by two) can’t salvage a film that’s predictable. Unlike most of his other films though, Jimmy gets the girl this time. But to ensure that, he has to do something he’s clearly uncomfortable with – dance.

Arbaaz Khan maintains the same expression throughout. Bruna Abdullah and Pooja Chopra just add the glam factor and nothing else to the film. Patchy editing and stereotyped characters hamper YTTMHG further.

The film suffers from a wannabe syndrome. It wants to do a lot but only ends up making the viewer say ‘Yea toh too much ho gaya’.

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