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The power suit has taken on a whole new meaning.

In a world first, an Australian tailor has developed a garment that allows you to pay for just about anything with a simple flick of the wrist across a payWave terminal.

Paying has just got a whole lot easier, all thanks to an Australian tailor’s obsession with technology.

The design – developed here in Melbourne – is the brainchild of menswear fashion brand MJ Bail.

Just two months ago, the retailer came up with the idea to sew a payment microchip into the sleeve of one of their suits.

The chip is invisible and is designed to protect the overall appearance of the retailer’s tailored garments.

“It’s a very small microchip so you can’t see it, it’s seamless so you don’t see it,” designer Paolo Michelini said.

“It’s inserted into a small pocket.”

Just eleven suits have been made so far, and technology reporter James Billington is one of the lucky ones to be trialling it.

“It’s the idea of not having to carry a wallet,” he said. “It’s a great fail-safe if you do walk out of the office or you do forget your wallet, there’s no excuses.”

And this is just the beginning.

Imagine throwing away your wallet or purse altogether?

Technology experts say they will soon be obsolete, with microchips not only replacing cash and credit cards, but your driver’s licence and passport too.

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