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Every single time a new gadget is launched or comes to the store, you can see so many people getting excited about it. Specifically, too many people are ready to wait in queues from the previous night, an Apple gadget is available. What’s the reason for this craze? (with regaerd to gadgets, and not specific the Apples ones)
 Why are gadgets so important for us?

We are all defined by the gadgets we use every day. Most of us use their smart phones or laptops everyday for many hours. These gadgets are not only useful helpers they are also a big part of our life. They play an important role in our daily life. As for myself, I can not imagine a day without my iPhone. It collects and organizes my tasks. It helps me to plan my whole day. For most of us gadgets like smart phones, laptops, or tablets aren’t just gadgets, they are amazingly useful tools we trust on a daily basis.

Of course there are people who don’t need gadgets, but I think most of us do. I’ve linked you an interesting statistic about smart phone users.

Why are people so excited about gadgets?

Like I said, most people are defined by their gadgets. It is like an addiction to stay in contact with your friends and family via the internet. Out of this addiction comes this “worship”. I think Apple may be the best example for this worship. Everytime they release a new iPhone thousands of people go crazy, because they want this piece of electronic. They want to be the first person who owns it. I think it’s also part of our society to get accepted and admired when you own a brand new smartphone.
The main reason is the social part, you’re “hip” or “in” when you own a smart phone. Especially a new one. Most smart phones make life easier. They help us getting things done, do research or upload our new photographs to flickr. New smart phones do this better than old ones. Gadgets are cool, innovative and helpful. That’s why people are excited about them. They can’t think of a life without them. They need them. Although I talked mostly about smart phones you can translate this to any other gadget. The reasons are always the same.

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