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vodafone-guardian-for-androidAre you thinking of giving your child a smartphone this Christmas? The Vodafone Guardian app gives you peace of mind allowing you to tailor your childs mobile usage by  selecting the features and functions on their new phone to suit their age and needs.

Some of the fantastic features of Vodafone Guardian include:

  • Set the days and times that the phone can be used for calling, receiving TXT messaging and using the phone’s other functions
  • Bar calls and TXTs from numbers not in the phones contacts/address book
  • Turn off internet access; through the browser, via Wi-Fi, and even through certain apps
  • Help address bullying by allowing parents to preview TXTs, then choose to accept or not accept each message

Hot tip: Set up and install the Vodafone Guardian app together with your child. This gives you a great opportunity to have a conversation around the safe and responsible use of your child’s new smartphone.

The Vodafone Guardian app is available for Android phones, and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

For parents worried about their child running up a big bill, there are also many prepaid options available .

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