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Here is the list of 10 fuel efficient Suv in todays world. As we are consuming fuel energy in near future, it’s going to be very expensive. The call of the day is to keep fuel consumption as low as possible. Vehicles’ manufacturers are doing their jobs by introducing more fuel efficient vehicles. Have a look at the list below before you make your move to buy your new Suv.

1. Ford Escape Hybrid FWD

32 miles per gallon overall

The Ford Escape Hybrid with plenty of style gives excellent over 30 mpg.

2. Lexus RX 450h

Price: $43,235

30 Miles per gallon overall

The luxury with style the hot out of the list vehicle, the Lexus RX 450h offers great gas mileage and a smooth, quiet ride. Highly  appreciated for its endless list of features.

3. Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4WD

Base Price: $37,000

28 Miles per gallon overalll

Another hybrids out of the list, the 2011 Highlander Hybrid achieves the very same 28 mpg in the city as when cruising down the highway. A trouble-free that one can hope for.

4. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2WD

Base Price: $18,500

27 Miles per gallon overall

This is a non hybrid SUV in the list. Outlander Sport is the most economical one and has lot to offer, good value with a decent ride.

5. Hyundai Tucson 2WD

Base Price: $19,000

26 miles per gallon overall

The Tucson is a small SUVs—it has no fatal flaws and it is a comfortable, well-made vehicle Hyundai has shown rapid and substantial improvement in vehicle manufacturing.

6. Chevrolet Equinox FWD (GMC Terrain)

Base Price: $22,745

26 miles per galoon overall

No doubt it’s a substantially improved vehicle over its previous version in terms of overall engine power and comfortable drive

7. Jeep Patriot 2WD

Base Price: $16,000

25 miles per gallon overall

It is a very comfortable SUV, the four-door Jeep looks and plays the part of a proper Jeep well enough,.

8. Kia Sportage 2WD

Base Price: $18,295

25 miles per gallon overalll

Kia Sportage 2011 has managed to improve in every aspect of its small SUV, though it was not exactly luxurious, it can please you with the lighter, more responsive chassis, along with a boost in power and more available options. It represents a competent package for a competitive price.

9. Subaru Outback Wagon 4WD

Base Price: $23,000

24 miles per gallon

It is the Most Versatile Car in a smaller range of SUV. It handled itself quite capably on rough terrain due to Subaru’s extensive experience with all-wheel-drive tech.

10. Toyota RAV4 2WD

Base Price: $22,000

22 miles per gallon overall

Toyota’s ever-popular RAV4 just made it into the list  by beating out its old opponent, the Honda CR-V.

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  1. Sofi Granger
    January 26th, 2012 at 19:09 | #1

    Thank you for this post! I’ve recently moved to Kirkland, WA and looking for a SUV car. Im quite conscious that its preferably an eco-friendly car, with having all the best features such as a quality and luxury looking interior and exterior.

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