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Top 10 Islamic Gifts



  1. Muslim Toys and Dolls: Modest dolls and educational games that not only entertain children, but send them a message which is in line with Islamic teachings
  2. Islamic Outfitters: Quality, affordable, modest, Islamic clothing for today’s Muslim men and women.
  3. Allah Made the World app: Ebook with simple rhyming text and vibrant interactive characters that keep the child reader engaged with each page
  4. Smart Ark: Educational resources for children including games, books, and posters.
  5. Modest Mama: Nursing and maternity wear that is stylish, functional, and what every Muslim mom is looking for!
  6. Halal Snacks: Tasty Halal Crispy Treats, American Halal Marshmallows, and Halal Gummies
  7. Little Ponn Muslim Doll: A one-of-a-kind soft, Muslim doll, with yellowish skin, a button nose, and round face was designed to represent the majority of Muslims in the world–those of Asian descent.
  8. Al-Hannah: Islamic clothing for men, women, and children, as well as general gift ideas.
  9. MarocMama Trio Spices: Offers unique blends for Beef/Lamb, Chicken and Fish tajines.  Includes a recipe for each.
  10. Little Explorers Magazine: Covers a wide variety of topics including science, Islamic history, geography, and more!

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