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Top 10 Contenders for the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the YearMotor Trend 2013 has just named the Tesla Model S as next year’s car of the year, which was a bit unexpected to most car fans out there as it is the first time that an electric car was given the recognition and the honor of attaining such an achievement. But since it was hailed at such a position, one may think of the others that have been shortlisted in coming up with the winner. In case you may be curious as to the contenders of the said award, here are the top 10 contenders for the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

10. Lexus GS

10.-Lexus-GSYou just have to notice that this Lexus hybrid is so good that it lets you feel like you are driving a standard car when it comes to steering, handling, and even comfort. The interiors were also superior when it comes to style and functionality that it could have won an award if there is any. Fuel economy is also considerable as a great contender for bagging the 2013 title, but there have been some flaws on design that made GS lose the opportunity. Considering that Lexus models have attractive faces, this one’s just not right as testers saw something from an alien movie… nope, not that the car looks extraterrestrial in a positive sense, but it looked like a “Predator” with its mask on.

9. Honda Accord

9.-Honda-AccordHonda Accord has been in the market for so long, and many developments have been under way in order for it to become the high-performance sedan it’s supposed to be. For 2013, you may feel confused that the latest make is actually 3.5 inches shorter… Wait… SHORTER?! Yes, although fans have been used to seeing the Accord as a low-long-wide car, it has considered consumers that have difficult time in having it fit the garage. Also, performance is great with engines that are more efficient, with CVT employed better than other models. Sound is also considerable as you can barely feel any inconsistencies on function. It could have bagged this year’s award, if only there were features that have been revolutionary, rather than seeing a unit with gradual change.

8. Toyota Avalon

8.-Toyota-AvalonTrue to its Japanese culture, manners, and driver consideration, the Toyota Avalon is so great with interior space utilization that it could be attributed by judges as Zen and feng shui combined to provide that huge space inside the vehicle. You just have to be awed with a sport mode and paddle shifters that already broke the cycle of staying with the old and transitioning to the modern. Steering and handling brings you to where you want it, but with little feedback. Speed is also loved with this improved sedan. The only letdown it had was its hybrid type that’s just less than what you’d expect from its gas model.

7. Ford C-Max Hybrid

7.-Ford-C-Max-HybridFor a hybrid, the C-Max Hybrid can be considered one of the cheapest cars there is, which would be great once this baby launches for selling next year. Efficiency is also admirable with packaging that gives drivers and enthusiasts a buy for their money. Just how good is the package? According to one judge, it’s like having many car features, such as that of Prius’ efficiency, Focus’ feel of the drive, and Escape’s functionality and driver-friendliness. Nevertheless, the economical price has its setbacks, which can be found on some of the interiors of the vehicle. Aside from that, everything could have been close to perfect.

6. Cadillac ATS

6.-Cadillac-ATSAs it was tested by drivers, one thing that can be noticed is that its performance, features, and other elements are comparable, if not close to that of the Series 3 from BMW. In fact, testers and judges alike never thought that the 3 Series can be overthrown or at least shaken from one competitor. What’s it got and how it got par with a great contender? Balance has been met at paramount, the body, along with the design is greater than second best, and steering was a lot better than most candidates. Some of the letdowns however, include cramped rear seats and difficult manual transmission transition.

5. BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is a great choice among drivers not just because of the name and the label that has created some of the best sedans in the market, but also due to its riding balance that drivers are always looking forward to experiencing. However, this baby was losing a bit when it comes to steering and turbo, something that have been flawless in other models. There has also been something noticed by testers that steering does not match with the actual power of the engine, causing lapse when it comes to the timing of the maneuverability.

4. Ford Fusion

At long last, you can now have a vehicle that’s close to an Aston Martin without the additional expense on the name. Ford Fusion has that kind of good looks that many would expect it as something else. Also, it could be noticed that ever since it was hailed as 2010’s Car of the Year, there have been modifications to space, wind noise handling, and even usability so that it could bag another COTY for 2013. After all, its steering was better than that of the BMW 328. Too bad though that it majorly flawed on handling as sudden stirs and direction change gives you that coily springy feeling, along with brakes that just feels forced when stepped in.

3. Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 has always been a crowd favorite, as it is considered to be one of the best everyday supercars that you could bring out almost so often. Without prejudice by the fact that it’s a fave, judges have commended on its new improvements on hydraulics, power assistance and output support, and other features that make the Carrera a stunning success. However, disappointments such as body dynamics and engine placement have been consistent year after year, making the 911 still not that close to having the 2013 COTY

2. Subaru BRZ

Have you imagined that a car priced at less than $30,000 could match and go at par with more expensive models like the McLaren MP4-12C and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1? If the Subaru BRZ is just like what you could imagine, then there is more to how its nifty sporty exterior look, which can mislead drivers and fans alike. Chassis, balance, and steering are three of the best features that judges have praised BRZ for, if only there was a variant that could provide more torque than what has been offered already. What if it looked like an Aston Martin? Maybe it had taken the title with little effort. In short, the BRZ was lacking at the looks department for not being able to look as rad as it runs.

1. Porsche Boxster

While the BMW 3 Series, the Cadillac ATS, and the Ford Fusion proved to have great handling improvements for this year’s title battle, Porsche Boxster, according to judges, has the best feel when it comes to bringing it on the road, testing its maneuverability, and abusing its limits. If it could have the chance of beating the 911 for engine, then it could have been the best car that Porsche could ever create in this classification. But being at its best, you just have to expect that the price tag over this performer is just beyond of what can be called as value.

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