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android-vs-appleIs anyone else tired of the iPhone and all the unnecessary hype surrounding it? Honestly, I feel like more people buy iPhones because of the name rather than what it really offers. I personally find that the iPhone leaves consumers with fewer options as far as customizing their phones whereas Android allows people to tweak the way their phone works.

One of the super awesome apps for Android is called Tasker, which lets you customize your phone in a lot of ways. You can set it up to turn applications on and off based on location, the time of day, and anything else you can think of. Can the iPhone do that?

Let’s face it, iPhones are extremely limited when it comes to customization. With an Android, there are numerous amounts of apps that allow you to add tons of special features and shortcuts for your home screen, where the iPhone is way too controlled for these types of modifications.

Another thing that I love about Android phones that the iPhone just does not offer, are the widgets. It’s so convenient to have a weather widget and a music widget right there, big and bold on your home screen.

One of my biggest complaints about the iPhone is that once you have maxed out your storage on your iPhone, you’re out of luck. Androids give you the option to upgrade your battery and SD card, which can be very helpful if you run out of storage on your phone or if your battery dies and you want to pop in a spare.

Another inconvenience I’ve found with my iPhone is that the App Store is a major pain when trying to search for and download new apps. I find myself wanting to throw my phone half of the time when navigating through the App Store. While on the topic of apps, iPhone users are pretty much stuck with whatever Apple has developed whereas with an Android, you have the ability to use apps to tweak your phone to create the perfect phone for you. You can install software so certain features on your phone look like an iPhone without the downfalls of an iPhone.

I was a previous Android user and decided to try out the iPhone. I immediately regretted it. I was warned that the internet was a lot slower on the iPhone and that was a true statement. In addition to this, a lot of websites, videos, and games cannot be accessed because the iPhone does not have a Flash player.

Overall, Androids are much more flexible and let you decide what you want and need in your device.


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