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The vault: Saira Rizwan

Designer Saira Rizwan unlocks her vault, to reveal her eclectic handbag collection!

How and when did your interested in handbags develop?

My love for bags began as soon as I went to college. My best friend had just returned from America and she had purchased bags in all colours, shapes and sizes. I was super impressed and that was when my journey of buying bags started.

What are your favourite handbags in your collection?

I recently designed a collection of bags and clutches for Fashion Parade London. The rose clutch showcased during the fashion show is one of my favourites — I carried the same bag to the event too!

Where did you get them?

As a designer I am able to create all the bags and clothes I desire in-house. The only challenge is to find the right craftsmen for the job. Thanks to China’s workforce, the artists had no choice but to move to another field. However, after a lot of searching, we found a brilliant professional for the task.

Is there any bag that you are emotionally attached to or that has sentimental value and why?

I bought a Burberry jute bag in London while I was pregnant. Later on it served as a great baby bag too, so I’d have to say I’m most attached to that bag.

Share an interesting story about how you acquired one of your favourite handbags?

To be honest the quest for my most favourite bag is still on…

Is there anything on your radar that you want to get in the future?

I’ve got my eye on the Chanel ‘Boy Bag’.

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