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The world is filled with beautiful and dangerous mountains. Climbers from all over the world need to think twice if they ever plan to reach the top of these mountains. Here is the list of the 5 most dangerous mountains.

5 The Eiger: This 13,020 foot mountain is in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. There are seven mountains in the same region which surpass Eiger in height, but none that have surpassed it in danger. The north wall of Eiger is one of the most dangerous climbs one can endeavor.

4 Kangchenjunga: This is known as the third highest mountain in the world and is located on the Indo-Nepal border. The height of Kangchenjunga is 28,169 feet and it covers an area of around 7000 square kilometers. The peak of this mountain is said to be more dangerous than Mount Everest.

3 Nanga Parbat: This is the ninth highest peak in the world and is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Nanga Parbat has a height of 26,660 feet and it has three vast faces. The Rae Kot face is dominated by the north and south silver crags and silver plateau. The Rakhikot glacier is the most dangerous among Nanga Parbat glaciers and discharges its melted stream along with avalanches into Indus river through Tato Gah. The rocky face is known as Diamir in the beginning. This face converts itself into ice fields and glaciers around the peak. The Rupal is known as the highest rock face in the world. This mountain is affectionately known as the man eater among the climbers.

2 K2: The second highest peak in the world and also the second most dangerous mountain to climb. K2 is located on the Pak-China border between the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan and the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang in China. There is no climber in the world who has managed to reach the peak of this mountain in the winter season, as the glaciers and melted streams make it impossible to climb this dangerous mountain in winter. A slight mistake and there is no chance of survival for the climbers. K2 is also known as Savage Mountain due to the second highest fatality rate among the eight-thousanders. For every four individuals who reached the peak of this mountain, one has died in the process.

1 Annapurna: The most dangerous mountain in the world to climb with the fatality rate of 40 percent. Annapurna is a section of Himalayas in north central Nepal with an altitude of 26,545 feet. This mountain has been climbed by only 103 people and fifty six others lost their lives in the process, many to the avalanches for which the mountain is known.

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