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Long before there were telescopes, astronomers or written history, people gazed up at “wandering stars” that later observers would call planets. As we applied our myths of faraway realms to these heavenly bodies, we began to wonder about the possibility of life on other worlds, an idea that has enthralled us ever since.

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When you walk into a multiplex and are informed that there is no other person in the auditorium other than you, there are no reasons to be elated. It only turns out to be a repeat situation of many a film released during last couple of months when you watched a film all by yourself in a theatre which was on the verge of cancelling the show until you flashed your card of being a film reviewer.

So what is it that works for ‘CHASE’? Well, a few well executed action sequences, a couple of twists and presence of two hot bods (Udita Goswami, Tarina Patel) that should engage audiences, especially at single screens in B and C centres.

How do the stunts work? Well, after a ‘Dhoom’ inspired opening credit roll sequence comes a chase sequence which involves a perceived criminal being pursued by cops on busy Mumbai streets. Frankly, these 15 odd minutes do keep you hooked to screen as the protagonist does Continue Reading…

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