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Nokia XL

Nokia XL
Nokia XL is a fairly large, 5-inch device, in tune with the times. As far as the Android platform is concerned, at least. The resolution of the IPS LCD panel, at 480×800 pixels, is nothing to write home about — it adds up to 187 pixels per inch, which ain’t a whole lot. Under the hood, you’ll find a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 chip from Qualcomm, and 768MB of RAM….

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What’s Hot: A 1 lb. full frame camera! Well built, very good video capture, plenty of controls.

What’s Not: Native lens selection is very weak, photo quality is very good but not brilliant.


The Sony Alpha a7 is the first ILC (interchangeable lens camera) mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor. Sony started the ILC revolution with the NEX series, and those were impressively small cameras with APS-C size sensors. Think of the 24.3 megapixel a7 as the next logical engineering challenge for Sony, along with the pricier 36 megapixel Sony a7R. A full frame sensor is the largest commonly used digital camera sensor and it’s the same size as 35mm’s imaging area and 1.5x bigger than the APS-C sensor used in most consumer DSLRs. Given the Alpha a7’s small dimensions and 1 pound body weight, that’s impressive stuff. Continue Reading…

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Brand / Type
Brand Nokia
Type 1650
Form factor Candybar
Color Black, Red
Phone Network GSM
Service 850, 1900
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