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sms-mobileHave you ever thought how many SMS’s you send daily? What about the other Pakistanis? Yes! We send daily many texts, to our friends, family members etc. Recently the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority revealed statistics, which show that the SMS is the most popular tool used in Pakistan for communication.

There was 35 % Growth in in use of SMS during the 2011.

Check out the few stats about SMS Generation here in Pakistan below:

  • A total of 237.6 billion SMS were generated by the industry in 2011.
  •  175.4 billion SMS were generated in 2012
  • These above two stats show that there was 35% increase in growth.
  • Telecom industry earned Rs12.4 billion during 2011 through its SMS base.
  • This amount includes revenues from person to person (P2P) SMS, multimedia messaging services (MMS), applications to persons (A2P) and persons to applications (P2A).
  • PTA termed growth in SMS because of two factors, i.e exponential growth in mobile subscribers and falling SMS prices and SMS ‘bundle’ offers.
  • SMS rates have dropped by 50% during the past five years, according to PTA’s statistics.
  • Price of SMS ‘bundled package offers’ has gone down to as low as Re1 to Rs1.50 per 100 SMS per day.
  • A single mobile phone consumer, according to the report, generated an average of 175 P2P text messages in a month during 2011 against 142 SMS per subscriber per month during 2010.

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