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Large or small, business owners can no longer ignore the influence and impact that social media has on purchasing decisions. Research from the Content Marketing Institute has shown that social media reaches 8 out of 10 users throughout the web. And while you might feel like you are on top of your game just because you have a Facebook page, you aren’t. There are multiple platforms you need to learn how to leverage and use if you want to maximize the potential of social media. Because, with great power, comes great responsibility.

#1: Present Your Brand

Select a user name (or variation therein) that appropriately reflects your business. Your Twitterpresence needs to have the same look and feel as all of your other online tools. Consistency in branding is key.

#2: Foundation, It Matters

Make sure to fill out your Twitter profile (including images and cover photo) completely. This should be a direct reflection of you and of your brand. Make sure to include a link to your website, so they can find you elsewhere on the web.

#3: Following Is as Following Does

Start following people who are influencers in your industry, then your potential customers, local businesses, trade organizations and businesses run by people you know. The key to a healthy social media list on any platform is diversity.

#4: Communicate…Frequently

Gone are the days where one or two postings per week are acceptable. At the rate that the general population produces content, you need to be prepared to start (and engage) in Twitter conversations at least three or four times a day. To simply, if you use a social media listening tool like Hootsuite, you can do this across all of your channels more efficiently (not to mention being able to schedule your Tweets).

#5: Talk Smart

Leverage trending topics using hashtags to expand your audience, take a moment to listen to what your audience is saying, and craft your Tweets around that. It might take a little extra time, but it will make your Tweets far more effective.

#6: Drive the Traffic

Remember, tweeting isn’t enough. You need to drive traffic to your website using a free offer, free webinar or some other item that your audience will find valuable. People aren’t going to continue listening to a barrage of motivational quotes or random postings showing facts and statistics, you are going to have to raise your own bar and begin creating custom content in the form of photos, graphics, memes, infographics and blogs if you want to succeed in this digital marketing landscape.

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