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300_92513 Is it fair that celebrities get special treatment? Just because they may live in more so- called favorable conditions and reside in mansions and condominiums, they believe that they should even receive the start treatment in jail too. A prime example of this is when Paris Hilton’s jail sentence was cut down from 45 days to 23 days. If this sentence were for any other “regular fellow,” they would have had to serve their full sentence. If a factory worker, retail person or any other human being working in the “real world” gets convicted of a crime, they attend court, and then they are sentenced, and time is served.

Paris got let off for good behavior and even got to stay in a special section in the jail that is reserved for only celebrities, city and state officials, and police members. Everybody should be treated as an equal, no matter your place on the society tree. Somehow Paris has found her way to charm through the jail and get her way out of the rough life that she thinks she might be experiencing. Perhaps she needed this dose of reality to see what the real world was really like.

Prisons and jails shouldn’t really need to have special sections for other kinds of people such as celebrities, public officials, or police. If a person breaks the law, then they break the law. It doesn’t matter what their name is or what they do in their profession. Creating these extra sections in these prisons is also a waste of innocent people’s tax money as well. Stars are seen on the cover of magazines and tabloids daily, and if they happen to be seen walking down the prison row, then it is their own fault for being there.

God created everybody as an equal, and no amount of money or stardom should make anybody better than the other person. Many of these celebrities have been getting their sentences shortened, or they haven’t been convicted of the full offence either. Some stars try their best to talk their way out of speeding tickets, or perhaps they had something extra special to attend that it didn’t matter to put harm in other innocent people’s directions. Also for the ones who have drinking and drug addictions, somehow they get away with checking themselves early out of rehab. Anybody who has common sense should know that they need to stay the amount of time required to help them with their emotional state and problems. Some stars just seem to believe they are above this and actually can control their own lives without this extra help.
Just because Paris Hilton can’t seem to hack it in the prison life, perhaps she should have thought twice about her actions. Sure, she may have good behavior, but she could have used that dose of reality as well. Hollywood seems to be living in their own little bubble, and the “normal” people just don’t seem to really matter. After all, we aren’t the ones with money and fame, but we do have common sense and a brain.

Perhaps government needs to take another look about how the law works and how people should be convicted. Everybody needs to be convicted under one type of judicial law. Although, they may deny this and say that individuals are treated fairly, many of the world’s population may not agree. If the whole entire world was a star and lived in Hollywood, would everybody get short sentencing and live in a special little section in jail too? What if the tables were turned, and the “normal people” would get to stay in the special sections, but stars had to stay in the actual prison part? Who would be complaining then?

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