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Tizen-HandsetWe’ve assumed the detail for awhile and we’ve even heard, but this time it’s authorized.
Samsung is sacking its Bada OS but instead of clearing its continues under the carpet, the Korean constructor will integrate its work on Bada OS into the Tizen OS task. The information arrives directly from Korea, courtesy of Hong Won-pyo, leader of Samsung’s newspapers answers Center.

Though smartphones running on Bada won’t be adept to improvement to Tizen when it’s prepared, the latter will be rearwards compatible with Bada apps, which is good report for every new OS with a reduced profile app catalog.

After Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo’s promising start and saddening downfall, Tizen OS was formed as an open source task. Now Samsung is focusing on using Tizen OS as a stage, which can differentiate the manufacturer from the rest of the Android and Windows Phone gathering.
Samsung has conveyed that it will issue multiple devices running Tizen this year.

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