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RYANAIR have introduced a new charge for check-in.


The airline have introduced a new cost that will charge passengers £6 to check-in for a flight more than four days prior.

The new cost will be introduced from the 1st of November.

This is a change to the airline’s previous policy, which allowed passengers to check-in seven days in advance for free.

This charge has angered certain customers who have found a very obvious flaw.

Those going on a week long holiday will be unable to check in for their return flight without being charged.

Or they will have to find a way to check-in and print a boarding pass whilst on their holidays.

Customers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Chris Wood wrote: “@easyJet allow you to check in 30 days in advance, @Ryanair only 7 unless you pay. Guess I’ll gave to find a printer while I’m away then.”

Ryanair has now charged customers for checking in early


Ryanair has now charged customers for checking in early

Marketing Chief for Ryanair Kenny Jacobs said: “We’re continuing to listen to our customers through our “Always Getting Better” programme and this change reflects the customer feedback we have received.

“From November 1, we’re offering those customers who wish to reserve seats more time to choose their preferred seat, by reducing the check-in window from 7 to 4 days pre-departure for those customers who prefer a random seat.

“Customers who do not wish to reserve their seat will be able to check-in between 4 days and 2 hours ahead of their departure, using both the Ryanair.com website and Ryanair mobile app, and will continue to be randomly allocated a seat, free of charge.

“Over 13 million customers are using the Ryanair app to download and travel on mobile boarding passes, making travel with Ryanair even simpler.”

This comes after it was revealed Emirates will start charging for economy seat selection.

The UAE airline has introduced a “minimal charge” for economy passengers.

Any customers wishing to select their own seat now have to pay for it.

Special and Saver fares in the Economy Class have been hit with the fee, which varies depending on the flight duration.

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