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ragini-mms-2-posterRAGINI MMS 2 is a cheap thrill with no scary acts or ‘steamy scenes’. Sunny Leone has been riding a publicity wave in the media with information and inputs on her that would put a ‘research analyst’ to shame.

All that one gets to see of her is one more plastic act! There is never any ‘X’ factor in any of her scenes. Neither was there any ‘X’ factor in any of her earlier films. Why this obsession and ‘over-the-top hype’, I fail to understand?

Even the college students sitting behind me in the multiplex were more amused than amazed at what was going on screen. And thanks to them, it made the movie bearable. They had a comic take for every scene, especially the so-called steamy ones which were more hilarious in their approach.

ragini-mms-2And for all the talk of Sunny and considering the print mileage she had (not to forget internet and television) it is Sandhya Mridul who actually comes out of nowhere and grabs your attention with a super performance.

RAGINI MMS 2 is a sequel to the 2011 flick RAGINI MMS. Ragini, the only survivor of the attack on her, her boyfriend and her friends, is shown in a mental asylum. A film is being made on the incident and Sunny Leone is the actress chosen to play Ragini. To get into the character, Sunny decides to meet Ragini in her cell. No woman in her right mind would want to do that. Further, no authorities in their right mind would allow someone to meet a mentally deranged person alone in her cell.

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