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DENIED. Three-year-old Prince George totally shut down Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attempt at a friendly high-five when the two met on Sept. 24 during the Royal Canadian Tour. It is actually one of the most painfully awkward things to watch. Being snubbed by the future king of England? That’s rough. See the pic after the jump!

Prince George, 3, was cute as a button when he got off the plane from England with his Royal mommy, daddy and baby sister. Seriously, no plane hair what-so-ever. But, he did have a tiny attitude, cause when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered the little prince a high-five, Prince George shook his head “no.” Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. But Justin took it in stride, going first from a high-five attempt, then to a low-five, then, finally, the Hail Mary pass of a good old fashioned handshake. No? Nothing? Well, you can’t win ’em all.

Right alongside Prince George in all this was mommy Kate Middleton, 34, and daddy Prince William, 34, who decided to take their son and baby daughter, Princess Charlotte, 1, on their Royal Canadian Tour with them. We were so happy when we found out the little ones would be coming along for the ride, because we can’t get enough of those two!

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Prince George must have been a little groggy from his flight to Victoria, Canada, otherwise we think Justin might have gotten the high-five he so desperately wanted. After all, at three years old, Prince George has got this whole royal thing down pat. Surely he knows how to greet a foreign dignitary. Now he just needs to teach his little sis a thing or two, as this is only Princess Charlotte’s third public outing since she was born! We can’t wait to see the kids some more on this tour turned fun family trip!

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