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Pakistani as well as Palestine hackers went ahead and defaced over three dozen Israeli websites of world’s top brands, including all Microsoft controlled domains of Israel including Skype, Bing, Live, MSN and more.

Pakistani hackers stepped ahead and defaced all these large scale websites, owned by top brands, to represent support for Gaza on behalf of all Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular.

It is unclear so far that which Pakistani group actually defaced the website, because ZombiE_KsA (one of the name appearing on the hacked pages) has declined to take the responsibility for the defacements. He told TheHackerNews that other Pakistani hackers are using his name without permission in these defacements.


The cyber onslaught began after Israel launched air strikes against Gaza last week following persistent rocket fire.

Others have joined into what has effectively become a free-for-all attack on Israel. One group, which called itself the Pakistani Cyber Army, claimed responsibility for having hijacked roughly two dozen Israeli-registered sites, including one belonging to Coca-Cola.

One of its members, who identified himself only as a Pakistani Muslim, told The Associated Press that more was on the way.

“We won’t stop until they stop killing innocent kids and people,” he said.

Much of the online onslaught has come in the form of denial-of-service attacks, a technique that works by overloading a website with traffic.

Tel Aviv-based security company Radware said the attacks against Israel first began surging across the web on Thursday, describing some as well coordinated denial-of-service attacks. Although such attacks can effectively knock their targets off the web, they’re usually temporary and rarely do lasting damage.

Radware said the targets included the Israel Defense Forces, the prime minister’s office, Israeli banks, the Tel Aviv city government, airlines, infrastructure and business sites.

Ronen Kenig, a Radware analyst, said the flow of rogue traffic wasn’t as powerful as attacks that hit the U.S. banking sector two months ago.

“In terms of the amount of traffic, it’s not massive,” he said, explaining that the attackers were yet to draw on networks of infected computers _ known as botnets _ to mount their attacks. Botnets are amassed by hackers and can grow to include thousands of compromised computers, giving them much more firepower than a few dozen online activists acting in tandem.

Government sites aren’t the only ones targeted. Many other apparently randomly chosen Israeli sites have been hit, including an Israeli massage parlor, an obscure luxury car site, an accountancy practice and a universitywebsite.

Erel Margalit, chairman of Jerusalem Venture Partners, a leading Israeli venture capital firm, has invested significantly in Israel’s cybersecurity system but said more must be done.

“Israel has the Iron Dome system (to intercept incoming rockets), but it needs a cyberdome,” he said, noting the government just approved collaboration on the first-ever private cybersecurity incubator to further invest in the industry.

Check below the list of all hacked websites:

  • blog.sprite.co.il
  • pm.parliament.co.il
  • blog.fanta.co.il
  • sprite.org.il
  • www.microsoftstore.co.il
  • intelatom.co.il
  • www.opel.co.il
  • philips.co.il
  • bing.co.il
  • bbc.org.il
  • pantene.co.il
  • paypass.co.il
  • amazonunbox.co.il
  • windowslive.co.il
  • windows.co.il
  • www.nbcuni.co.il
  • citibank.co.il
  • xbox360.co.il
  • www.xboxfusion.co.il
  • cocacola.co.il
  • coke.co.il
  • www.xboxignite.co.il
  • www.intelappup.co.il
  • www.intel.co.il
  • live.co.il
  • live.org.il
  • solarwinds.co.il
  • www.msn.co.il
  • passport.org.il
  • www.skype.co.il
  • www.msn.org.il
  • www.cnn.co.il
  • intelcore.co.il

Here is the Zone-H mirror of all defaced websites.

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