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Apparently, the two are in talks for a project. Will we be seeing the two together in a film soon?


West Indies cricketer DJ Bravo’s love for Shah Rukh Khan is no surprise. Now, that he has a Bollywood debut on the way, he is looking for more projects in Hindi cinema.. one with SRK too.

“Shah Rukh Khan is my boss. I play for his team. Hopefully one day Shah Rukh Khan and I will do something together on the big screen,” he says.

According to Filmfare, the cricketer and SRK are reportedly in talks about a project together.

Bravo adds, “We discussed about something but he is a busy guy. We’re both busy but are definitely looking to create an opportunity to work together on big screen.”

Currently his first project in B-Town is Tum Bin 2, one he’s thrilled to be a part of. “It’s a good opportunity for me to enter into Bollywood. I’m really excited to be part of Tum Bin 2. Especially to be on the same stage with one of the best singers from India, Ankit Tiwari,” he gushes.

He even picked up a few Hindi words. “I learnt some Hindi words likekhiladi and jo karte hain… It’s a great experience for me personally because I don’t speak Hindi. So I’m happy.”

The cricketer, singer says, “This is a beginning of something positive. I hope my debut goes well as it would lead to more opportunities. I’m happy to sing for everybody.”

With Tum Bin 2 dated for a November 18 release, Bravo is already in search for new projects in Hindi cinema, maybe planning on moving to Mumbai too.

“I want to be a part of Bollywood and so, I wish to get an Indian passport. I hope the country accepts me.”

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