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How-to-Add-300-X-600-Ad-Unit-in-your-Website-2The launch of Google Adsense 300×600 Ad Unit was made in the last month. Last month Google Adsense said that “One of the top requests from publishers in the last year has been to add larger ad sizes to our network, and today we’re excited to announce that the popular Adsense 300×600 unit will soon be available in your AdSense account.”

So finally the Adsense 300×600 Ad Unit is up, but now Google Adsense has directed it’s Publishers that they can use only one Adsense 300×600 ad unit on one page.

In an email to the Publshers, Google adsense said that;

  • This new format is larger than all our other ad units, we want to help ensure a balance between content and ads across publisher sites.
  • With this in mind, going forward, publishers will be permitted to place a maximum of one  Adsense 300×600 ad unit on each page.
  • If you’ve placed more than one Adsense 300×600 ad unit per page on your site, we ask that you remove any additional ad units by Jan 10, 2013.
  • We’ll also be sending email notifications shortly to affected publishers, asking them to make this update.

Google Adsense further clarifies that the limit for AdSense for content ad units still remains at three per page, so it’ll be possible to place one 300×600 ad unit and up to two other sizes on a page

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