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Adobe has released a series of top priority security updates for Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat on Windows and Mac . They fix a serious security…

Adobe has released a series of top priority security updates for Flash PlayerReaderand Acrobat on Windows and Mac . They fix a serious security flaw that could allow a malicious attacker to take control of your operating system.

The security update is for Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows and Mac, and the cross platform Adobe AIR and earlier. You can easily check your Flash version by visiting the Adobe Flash About page. Reader and Acrobat X and XI users also need to apply the latest updates. Adobe has also issued minor security fixes toIllustrator CS6.



You can download the most recent versions of Flash Player and others from Adobe’s Download Center, or when prompted by Adobe update on your computer. Updates to Flash in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are automatic.

Flash Player is an almost constant source of security issues, but Adobe’s been quick to fix them when as soon as they’re discovered. It’s always advisable to keep your Flash versions as up-to-date as possible.

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