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When it comes to do-it-yourself projects, everybody is going to experience ups and downs. Important lessons that are almost always taken away from household projects: having the right tools, being persistent, and maintaining patience. My first experience with a backyard project was building and maintaining a garden during the summer. I was very eager and excited to attempt the project, but I soon found out that it was going to be more difficult than I could have ever imagined. At the end of the summer, I had learned four valuable lessons from my first home garden.

1) Have the right tools
Having the right tools is necessary for any home project. I had minimal garden tools (spade shovel, hand shovel, pitchfork, etc.) and was able to get by just fine. It is important to have the right tools to get any job done because it creates less stress and will most likely reduce the amount of time spent working on the project, depending on the type of project that it is.

2) Be persistent
In my case, persistence was absolutely crucial in building and maintaining my summer garden. Having a garden is somewhat similar to having a pet – you must give it proper daily attention to guarantee it’s happiness. The more daily visits you make to your garden (picking weeds, watering, raking soil, etc.) the more benefits you will end up reaping (a lush harvest).

3) Do your research
Like any other do-it-yourself project, it is never a bad idea to do some research before you begin. We are fortunate enough these days to have a plethora of information at our fingertips (the internet). If I had done some basic research before beginning my garden, I probably would have found out that it is much easier and more effective to start growing my herbs and vegetables inside a few months before planting season.

4) Don’t stress
There are probably a bunch of other valuable lessons I could have listed here, but in all honestly – i think this is the most important. Doing home projects yourself can be very stressful in the sense that they can go very wrong, or in my case, not produce the plentiful amount of vegetables I was hoping for. Often I found myself too tired or annoyed with how my plants were doing. By the end of the summer I realized that stressing over something as simple as a garden was not worth it, but the experience certainly was.

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