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Myriads of morning shows have now dominated Pakistani television channels in recent years. An exquisite aura of ideal morning is superficially created, where celebrities in a luxurious, cozy chaise longue sip steaming morning beverage in elegant mugs and have frivolous conversations and pointless exchange of ideas on daily affairs.

These morning shows give the hosts an opportunity to play dress up on the camera as they attempt to beautify their appearance by latest designer clothes and flaunt on the set with grace and poise, and in essence pose a lifestyle filled with bliss, unblemished with any sort of misery.

Their petty tea talks with one another or via phone calls is a perfect demonstration of how to waste not only their precious two hours but also of the gawking audience who hang on each and every word of utter rubbish they articulate. Some morning shows, attempt to illuminate harsh realities of life and the oppressed group of the society is brought under limelight, nevertheless the seriousness of these issues stand in stark contrast to the larger picture.

There is more that meets the eye, morning shows have become a medium through which designer clothes are advertised and the makeup artists gain more publicity. With forces of advertising working to achieve a desired effect; airing of serious issues become just a formality and the prime purpose is served.

List of Full of Stupidity TV Shows.

  • Subh Ki Fiza
  • Chandani Batein
  • Rambo Sahiba Show
  • Nargis & Naughty
  • Geo Shaan Say
  • Good Morning Pakistan by ARY Digital
  • Jago Pakistan Jago by Hum Tv
  • Utho Jago Pakistan by Geo Tv
  • Week End With Sahir Lodhi
  • Saher Saher Samaa
  • Jee Saheeli by aplus
  • Aplus Morning
  • Muskurati Morning with Faysal
  • Subah Saweray Maya key Sath
  • Morning with Noor on Hum TV
  • The Nadia Show

The folly lies in the fact when the audience cannot distinguish between reality and ephemeral glamour in two hours and attempt to copy the host’s attire ignoring its intrinsic worth.

The women fall prey to the gleaming world of glamour and in turn provide these designers an opportunity to manipulate their weakness of being more younger and more pretty to increase their profits. Thus, a cause and effect relationship is achieved; prices of clothes either stitched or raw are sky-rocketing due to the latest fashion clothes worn by morning shows celebrities.

With all the glamour shown and if pluralistic theories deem that media holds a mirror to the society, then who says that Pakistan is under developed? If morning shows and fashion industry of Pakistan are the pioneers of modernization then where do the impoverished areas lie?

Are they part of gruesome trash to be removed all together, too negligible to be given a worth or a hurdle towards modern progress? And most of all are things left to be judged only by their material worth? In this globalised era, nothing is held obscured; at the end of the day it all depends on how one perceive reality as active individuals striving to make a difference.

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