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A nationwide campaign hoping to dispel myths about Islam made a stop in Regina Tuesday.

The MobileMuslims campaign was created by Canadian Muslim community, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.

The travelling exhibit is on a coast-to-coast journey, first departing from St.John’s, Nfld., and will end in Victoria, BC.

Followers of the faith said the exhibit is an open platform for people to ask any questions about the religion, or want clarification to any uncertainties.


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The group said it stemmed from a need to speak to the true, peaceful teachings of Islam, and remove any misconceptions about the faith.

“Islam is being hijacked.”
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“One of the major factors of why we’re out here is the issue of extremism we see today,” local Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at Regina chapter Imam Zeeshan Ahmed explained.

“We want to clarify that that is not Islam,” he said.

Ahmed said the main message they wanted to promote was “Love for All, Hatred for None.”

He explained Islam does not promote war nor does it permit any harming of other religions.

“Islam is being misused. The word itself means peace and it has nothing to do with these political wars that are going on around the world,” Ahmed said.

Cdn Muslim community makes stop in #yqr to spead true, positive teachings of Islam. #MobileMuslim #sask pic.twitter.com/0JlpLKJXTt

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Mobile Muslim will make its way to Moose Jaw on Wednesday and then head north to Saskatoon on Thursday.

Ahmed explained reception to the travelling trailer has been nothing but positive.

“Our religion teaches us we should never hate anybody, regardless of faith, regardless of colour, or regardless of creed,” he said.

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