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Minecraft developer Mojang announced its new $13 per month subscription aimed at parents. Minecraft Realms will allow parents to create safe…

Minecraft developer Mojang announced its new $13 per month subscription aimed at parents. Minecraft Realms will allow parents to create safe and secure servers for their kids to play online. Only invited players can join a Realms server so parents have absolute control over who can play with their children.

Backups are included in the subscription, which allows you to revert to an earlier version of your Minecraft map. You can invite up to 20 players to a Realms server but only 10 can play simultaneously.

Hardcore Minecraft fans may not find Minecraft Realms compelling as there are cheaper, more powerful hosting services out there. That said, Realms is the only first-party hosting service and is aimed at making server set up as easy as possible for parents. While $13 per month is a lot, Mojang does offer discounts for 6 month and 1 year subscriptions.

Minecraft Realms is available now on Mac and PC. Mojang plans to bring it to more platforms in the future, including Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

For more about Minecraft Realms, check out their FAQ.

Source: Mojang

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