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kayaniElections will be held on May 11, 2013 and there should be no doubt about this, said COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani on Tuesday.

Addressing a ceremony held in connection with Yom-e-Shuhda (Martyrs Day), he said that the armed forces would utilise all its resources to ensure that the polls are held in a fair and transparent manner.

“Like each and every Pakistani, the army is also doing its bit to strengthen democracy,” he added.

He urged the nation to do away with social, ethnic and linguistic differences and support democracy.

“The holding of elections is a step towards finding solutions for problems and we will provide a base for elections. However, for creating this foundation, we need to find the answers to many questions,” he said.

“There is no place for looting and personal gains in a democracy and only honest (people) can end the game between democracy and dictatorship. The real win for any democracy is when it comes up to expectations,” the COAS said.

Paying tribute to the martyrs of the armed forces, he said: “The nation’s prayers are with the armed forces of Pakistan and this is our real strength, he said. He thanked the families of the martyrs and said that it was the sacrifices of the shuhda that enabled Pakistanis to breathe freely.”

“Pakistan is a blessing for us all and huge sacrifices were made for its creation. However, despite these sacrifices, the nation is still far away from the vision imagined by the founding fathers. The nation’s spirit and determination has not gone down and stays strong and I believe that the nation can still reach great heights,” he said in his speech.

Terrorism has killed thousands of Pakistanis including civilians and members of the armed forces.

“I want to know if one group wants to go against the Constitution of Pakistan and impose its beliefs on us, then eliminating such elements is someone else’s war?” he questioned.

“No country will allow a rebellion against its constitution and no soldier will tolerate this either,” he added.

He further urged that those groups who were part of an armed uprising against the army should put their weapons down and become part of the nation’s fold.

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