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Mother’s Day is minutes away, and again this year you have nothing. Even if you have a good reason for waiting ’til the last minute to buy Mother’s Day gifts for all the important moms in your life, that won’t change the fact that your head will be on the chopping block if you don’t find something nice. Trust me. Without going into too much detail, allow me to take you back to a Mother’s Day long ago when someone forgot to buy her mom a gift. The result? Well, let’s just say that a last-minute self-written Mother’s Day poem found to be hilarious by a 13-year-old kid didn’t quite go over so well with the woman who gave birth to her. And she knew for sure that her gift was ill-received when Mom spent the entire day giving her daughter the silent treatment from locked inside her room.

Beware! Don’t let my tragic story happen to you. Here are some better ideas for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts:


If you have to ask why I put an exclamation mark after the word ‘shoes’ … you’re a man. A gift card is a great idea as a last-minute gift, but it’s a little impersonal, right? Not if it’s for shoes! I don’t know one woman who wouldn’t love spending somebody else’s money on shoes for herself. Get her a gift card at a shoe store near you, or you might even try an online store like Zappos. But prepare yourself for spending the day alone. The second she sees it, she’ll make herself scarce until the entire card is spent.

Magazine subscription

I’m serious! If you really think hard about what kinds of things she likes and buy her a subscription that fits her interests, this one will go over bigger than you expect. There are magazines out there for anything and everything imaginable. Whether she likes gardening, true crime stories, writing, decorating, cars, sports, current events, the list is endless. And this gift will be a monthly or even weekly reminder of how well you know her and how much you appreciate her interests.

Tickets to an event

Whether you’re buying for your wife, your mother, or any other mom in your life, there’s always an event coming up that will interest her. Check out an online ticket site like StubHub. It won’t take long, and she’ll appreciate the thought you put into it and the fun she’ll get out of it.


This is another last-minute gift that won’t feel last-minute. She’ll appreciate it enormously because you had to tap into her interests to come up with it. Maybe she’s always wanted to take a sculpting class, or she’s dreamed for years of learning how to fly a plane. Whatever her interests, you should be able to find a class or group of classes near you that will wow her on Mom’s Day. Community colleges in your area, artistic organizations, and companies like the Learning Annex should have class lists for upcoming seasons.


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