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Canada is a major Capital Raising Destination, its geographical location, population and multicultural society, backed by its richness in mining resources has placed itself as a global leader in many industries including venture capital investments.

Highlights: Canadian Capital Investment Market

The Size

The Canadian Venture Capital / Private Equity industry is a major financial industry in Canada. There are over 500 firms engaging in investment activities based out of Canada, according to our research. Many of the firms were backed by Canadian banks, as well as international VCs setting up operations in Canada.

What are they investing in?

Canada is also known as the Global Capital Market for Mining and Resources and shares with UK as the top 2 capital raising markets for mining and resources sectors.

In addition to mining and resources, Canada is also known to be very active in investing in cleantech / renewable energy sectors, including clean coal, geothermal and nuclear energy because of its richness in uranium.

Canadian firms have also invested in telecommunications and aerospace industries, as well as other IT industries.

Canadian firms are also active in the real estate and infrastructure opportunities, good examples include its involvements in airports worldwide, as well as investing in special property opportunities such as telecommunication facilities.

What is the common exit strategy for these funds?

Canadian firms are flexible in terms of exit strategies, and they have taken companies to public both in and outside Canada, with Canadian, US and UK markets being the most commonly exit strategies used.

Can they invest in big deals globally?

Yes, they are very active globally, and have invested in infrastructure, very large telecommunications and been funding large size M&A transactions globally.

Do they invest in international markets?

According to our research, Canadian firms tend to be more globally oriented, and international investments make up a significant proportion of their investment portfolio. In terms of mining and resources activities, they also invest in emerging markets including Central Asia and Africa.

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