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Get started with Facebook for Windows 10

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With 1.65 billion active users per month, Facebook is far and away the mostpopular social media platform on the planet – and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s a breeze to stay up to date with family and friends wherever they are on almost any device. Now Windows 10 has joined the party with an app that’s free to download from the Microsoft Store and run on your desktop.

While the arrival of a dedicated Facebook app for Windows 10 is new, Facebook’s presence on your desktop is not. A previous version of the Facebook app was available for Windows 8.

However, this all-new version is slicker, quicker and more capable, making it easier than ever to stay up to date with what your friends and family are up to – and tell the world what you’re about too.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can make the most of it.

1. Download, install and log in

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Head to the Microsoft Store and download the free Facebook app from the Windows Store. Install it and then log in using your Facebook ID if you have one.

Or create a new account if you don’t. During the install process you’ll be asked if you want to add Facebook to your Live Tiles. Now open the app and your Facebook feed will appear in the app.

2. Find your way

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Log in to see a tabbed menu running down the left side containing things like your News Feed, Apps, Groups and Friends.

At the top of the main window is the Search bar, the Home button and your Profile. The main window shows your current view. The right menu shows Trending topics and Suggestions. And the extreme right menu shows who’s available on Facebook Chat.

3. Stay up to date

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The default view shows in your News Feed recent things your friends have posted and shared, plus updates from any pages you’ve liked. Catch up by scrolling up and down to see what’s happened since you logged in.

Clicking on a post takes you to the built-in browser. You can like ‘Like’, ‘Wow’, ‘Comment’ or ‘Share’ on updates by clicking on the icon below each post.

4. Change your status

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Tell your friends what you’ve been up to. Scroll to the top of the page and share your news by typing into the ‘What’s on your mind?’ box or by pasting a URL.

You can also click on the icons below to upload photos or videos, tag friends in photos, and check into locations. You can choose who can see your update by clicking on the ‘Friends’ dropdown menu. Click ‘Post’ once done.

5. Share a photo

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One of the advantages of using the Facebook app is it’s quicker to post your photos and videos. Click the Photos icon and a File Explorer window will appear that enables you to quickly find your way to the folder or app you want to share from.

You can also share photos and videos stored on OneDrive. Choose one photo or video or more then click ‘Open’ to add it to your status.

6. Share your views

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Excited, enthralled or annoyed by something in the news? Click on the Trending topic located on the right then click ‘Share’ and add your comment.

You can then choose who you want to share your opinion with from the Friends dropdown menu and click ‘Post to’ add it to your Timeline. If you want to share your post with different people, click ‘More Options’.

7. Play a game

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Although the Facebook app is fairly comprehensive, there are some things you cannot do using the desktop app. Playing Facebook games is one of them.

Click the Games tab from the left menu (if you have it available from your list of options) and then you’ll be taken to the Facebook website in your favourite browser and given the option to play it there.

8. Check your privacy

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Check and change your default privacy settings from within the Facebook app. To do that select the down arrow to the right of your profile to reveal the Profile menu, then select ‘Settings’ to show a complete list of options available.

Some options – such as ‘Privacy Shortcuts’ – will send you to your web version of Facebook to make the change.

9. Select a preference

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If you want to customise the way your News Feed looks and whose updates you want to appear most prominently, head to ‘Profile > News Feed Preferences’.

Select ‘Prioritise Who To See First’ then click on the image of the feeds you want at the top of your timeline. A white star will appear next to the feeds you have selected. Click ‘Done’ once you’ve finished.

10. Get chatting

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If you fancy a live chat, head to the Chat menu on the right and then click on an icon or name to start a chat. A green circle in the corner of their icon shows when friends are online, but there’s a catch – the Facebook app will either invite you to install the free Messenger app available from the Microsoft Store or ask you to chat online at the Messenger website instead.

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