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google-adsense-premiumGoogle Adsense is one of the most popular and #1 CPC advertising program which is owned by Google.Google Adsense allow their users to Earn Money by showing ads on their websites.So whenever a publisher sign up to their Google Adsense Account they will get a normal account however, Google also offers their publishers to make a premium account but first you’ll need to run a normal ads on your website.

How To Get a Premium Google Adsense Account Service

Getting a Premium Google Adsense Account is not so easy for all Adsense users there is a condition for that, such as:

  • Your site have to recieve more than 5 million search queries per month
  • 20 Million Content Page Views
  • Must have top domain such as .com, .org, .net etc
  • Your website receive a huge traffic in daily basis.
  • Your website have recieve millions of Visitors per month.
  • Fresh, Unique and Orignal Content on your website
Although, there are couple of websites who are using a Premium Google Adsense service in their website such as AOL, Myspace.com, CNN, LinkedIn, Engadget.com, EzineArticles etc.
You don’t need to applied for getting a Premium Google Adsense account, Google will directly invited you to became a part of Premium Google Adsense.
So become a Premium Publisher you”ll need to complete given above points.
Why Choose Premium Google Adsense Account ?
  • Additional Monetization Options
  • Customized Revenue terms
  • Monetization of search results
  • Flexible ad formats
  • Advanced and more robust filtering
  • Assistance with site optimization
  • Enhanced technical support from a sales engineer
  • Business support from a dedicated account manager
Let us know in comments if you know any other tips to getting a Premium Google Adsense Account.

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