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How-to-Check-Original-Install-Date-of-WindowsMicrosoft Windows operating systems record an enormous amount of system data. Some of this information, such as hard drive size and free space, is easily accessible through your control panel or system settings. Other information, however, is a little trickier to obtain.

If you’re curious when Microsoft Windows, either XP or Vista, was first installed on your computer, you can find by viewing the system information. In addition to the date, the precise time is also displayed.

Click the “Start” menu. Select “Run” if you are using Windows XP, and then type “cmd” into the run command box. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

If you are using Windows Vista, type “cmd” into the “Start” menu search box, and then hit “Enter.”

Type “systeminfo” (leave the quotations out) into the prompt. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Wait for the system to compile the data; it may take a minute.

Use the scroll bar to move to the top of the box. Look for the “Original Install Date” label; next to it, you can view the original installation date and time.

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