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4179216Hingol National park, situated almost 200km west of Karachi, is Pakistan’s largest National Park. It is easily accessible from the Makran Coastal Highway, but to enter its surroundings, you will need a 4×4 and a guide. Usually the local people living in the small villages around Hingol serve as guides.

4179214Hingol reserve covers approx 600,000+ hectares. The park is renowned for its beautiful terrains, vegetation, and wild life. In addition there is also an old Hindu temple, Nani Mandir situated deep inside the National Park.

4179215On the outer edge of Hingol, there are various active mud volcanoes which are visible from the main road. But you need 4×4 🙁 The Hingol river is infested with Crocodiles. And because the terrain is uncharted/untouched, its gorges can become dangerous during rainy seasons due to flash floods.

4179213In addition to 4×4, you need to bring all provisions for boarding and lodging, as there is absolutely none. This includes food, medicines, shelter, petrol/diesel, etc.

The sad fact is that our armed forces after this piece of land. They want to grab it for their own use…test various aircraft armament.

hingolWe did a mad rush on the Makran Coastal Highway till Hingol in our sedans, and were amazed by its surrounding and natural beauty. The road was excellent (able to do 110+ kmh), and took us 4 hours to reach Hingol.

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