Calling all science junkies. If any of you have struggled through a condensed summer course, you know that over two hours of lecture material is next to impossible to focus on. I daydream through regular classes, so obviously, summer biochemistry was no exception. This summer I experienced some next-level mind wandering and began to apply the topics I was learning about in my biochem class to my favorite thing to daydream about: food, duh.

Nevertheless, my space cadet tendencies led me somewhere. After class, I decided to do some research on food science (I have obviously had a really lit summer). While I was googling and perusing databases, I began to breakdown my previous paradigm of food as fuel and rework a new paradigm of food as medicine. The varying goals of medicine all seek to maintain health, whereas food creates health in the first place.

If you want to know what you should be eating to try to avoid having to take medication, keep reading to see what different foods do to the body on the foundational, biochemical level and how that plays into our health.