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How can you effectively pack healthy vegan foods when hiking in wilderness areas? What are some camping foods that are good for you? Will they last without adequate refrigeration? Hiking trips aren’t exactly known for vegan food options. Oh sure, there are granola bars and trail mix. Believe it or not, even those can be bad for you. A lot of them are just chock full of sugar. Here are some healthier vegan options that pack well for your next hike.

Hello…. What about fruit?

Some fruits don’t pack well for hiking. Bananas might seem like a great choice. Unfortunately, they bruise and mush up pretty easily and don’t keep well. Pineapples and oranges require some peeling. If you don’t mind the work or the sticky hands, they’re an excellent choice. On the other hand, why not keep it simple? Apples, peaches, pears and plums are all great . You can eat them right down to the core or pit. Discard the rest without worrying about polluting the woods. There’s virtually no waste.

Go nuts with homemade trail mix.

I know I said trail mix could be bad for you. It can also be quite good for you. Pack some you made yourself. Include unsweetened dried fruit and plenty of nuts. Skip the traditional candy coated chocolate. Break up a few dark chocolate squares in there instead. You’ll still gain energy for hiking without so much sugar. Use a plastic sandwich bag to pack it in. Why? It produces less waste. Takes up less space in your backpack too.

You can make your own granola bars too.

Mom used to call them oatmeal cookies. Thinking they’re not healthy or vegan? Well, that depends on how you make them. Use ¼ the sugar. Use lots of whole old fashioned oats, not the quick cooking kind. Substitute ground oats for most or all of the flour. Use applesauce in place of eggs. Add plenty of raisins and chopped walnuts. Experiment with recipe alterations well before your hike. That way, the batch you pack will be perfect.

Some veggies do well when hiking too.

You wouldn’t want to pack a conventional salad. The lettuce would wilt quite quickly. The dressing would spoil. You can, however, pack fresh root veggies like beets and carrots without too much trouble. If it’s a long hike, tuck an ice pack in with them to keep them fresh. You can also pack potatoes, onions and garlic in foil to toss on your campfire.

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