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ISLAMABAD: In what appeared to be a great achievement a gypsy girl has obtained 1004 marks in the matriculation results in Fatoohi District in the area of Chakwall.

Sources said that this gypsy girl named as Nargis Gull has resided in a gypsy house containing two rooms with her family and they earned money by selling bangles.

Farzana Bibi the mother of gypsy girl expressed her happiness saying that no one from their family has a chance to get education except her daughter Nargis. She said she has great expectations from her.

Farzana said that Nargis wanted to get education from their nearby school so that she was not taking her along with for selling bangles.

Cousins of Nargis Aakash and Aksar are also studying in class eight to follow her.

Safha College of Chakwal awarded free admission to Nargis where she will get education of FSC (Medical).

Nargis also appealed to Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for her help in obtaining future education.

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