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Gori-Tere-Pyaar-Mein-Movie-2013Romcoms like GORI TERE PYAR MEIN go for direct DVD/home video release these days in Hollywood. They are not worth the big marketing spend needed to get your film out and noticed in the crowded market place. This one has got a wide release thanks to Dharma Productions’ preeminent position in the industry. It is not a significant film and achieves nothing worthwhile cinematically and on various other parameters. It’s a wasted effort.

A ridiculously self-centered and insensitive young architect and a playboy Sriram Venkat (Imran Khan) meets a feisty social activist Dia Sharma (Kareena Kapoor Khan). They fall in love. They soon have a fall out over some ashram land. Dia is upset that Sriram had a hand in selling the land off and scolds him for his insensitivity. Sriram mocks Diya for her fake five star activism and they split. Dia goes away leaving behind her favourite crab to keep him company. Shri Ram meets another girl Shabbu (Shraddha Kapoor) for an arranged marriage proposal. Shriram flips for the girl but Shabbu is in love with a Sikh boy and she confesses it to him. Insensitive Shri Ram does not want to help her.


He wants her to deal with HER problem. They nearly get married but for a last moment speech by Shabbu that opens Shri Ram’s eyes and he runs away from the vivah vedi to land up in a Gujarat village where lives Dia, helping the helpless pitiable villagers. It’s obviously a fake village with fake issues and ‘baba aadam ke zamaane ke second-hand Lagaan type’ extras walking around doing their usual stuff. A bridge has to be built over something that looks like a canal or a rivulet. Dia will return only after Shri Ram builds that bridge…And the biggest hurdle in the way is the heartless collector who looks more like a village bania, a poor yet loud caricature in the mold of Kanahiya Lal of the yore, played by Anupam Kher.

Will Shriram succeed in getting Dia back in his world? If you don’t have your answer, you MUST MUST watch this film. It’s a poorly written, directed, and enacted film. Imran Khan is a hopeless actor and a goner. Kareena Kapoor is no better, thanks to her fake characterization. The only saving grace of the film is Shraddha Kapoor. You like her and she is a fairly good actress. The south Indian shaadi sequence is good and even authentic. The DOP of the film has also done his job well and the production designer has chosen his locations and props in the first half very carefully. He mucks it up in the second half though when he recreates a fake village.

The music is a complete let down, including the film’s background score. The culturally rootless and intellectually deficient Bollywood slaves of Hollywood genres cannot transcend their mediocrity it seems. They are caught in an uninspiring rut and nothing seems to motivate them to get out of it. We will have to stop watching their films altogether to shake them out of their somnolence. It’s like we have to stop watching news channels and reading newspapers to shake the media establishment and send it a clear message that their partisan agenda has become intolerable. However, these pedestrian peddlers of bad cinema are the ones who have the moolah and the might in the film industry today.

They take years developing and producing such films and what they deliver is unimaginative balderdash of GTPM kind. I hope audiences don’t get used to this. That’s the problem with badness. It pulls everything down to its low levels. We must overthrow this rule of mediocrity in every sphere of society and if we don’t do it now, at this juncture of our history, it may become a long unending night for all of us.

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