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FreeGUI is a free public-domain GUI that looks and feels like HyperCard. The ultimate goal of this free, open-source collaborative effort is to empower scriptors.

At this stage, FreeGUI has been crafted with MetaCard. MC-users will therefore be able to use this PD alternative GUI if they wish to. It does much less than MetaCard does, so it isn’t for everyone, but for those folk who are more familiar with HyperCard than with MetaCard, it will be the GUI of choice.


FreeGUI is not limited to MetaCard though. Beyond its initial HyperCard-compliance stage of development, FreeGUI will evolve into something evengreater than the existing HyperCard GUI. It will be [the prototype of] the GUI of FreeCard.


Gephi is a flexible desktop application and a visual framework: it never constraints the user to do some tasks in a predefined way. On the contrary, the user is free to arrange the environment, move panels, show/hide windows…The GUI is set by default for three task families grouped as “Overview”, “Data Laboratory” and “Preview”.
Modes are accessible under the main menu:

  • Overview: graph manipulation mode.
  • Data Laboratory: data visualization in tables.
  • Preview: visual tuning before vectorial export.

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