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When Fozzy was first formed in 1999 by Chris Jericho and Rich Ward, it was the beginning of something special. Rich Ward was well known as the man behind Stuck Mojo, and Chris Jericho was recognised as one of the world’s best loved wrestlers. Together, they laid the foundation for the band we know and love today.  Fozzy began life as a covers band, but more than ten years on, they’ve honed their unique, unmistakable sound to create anthems such as “Enemy,” “God Pounds His Nails,” and the spine-tingling opener to last year’s tours, “Spider In My Mouth.” Fozzy have gone from strength to strength over the years. With their new release, “Lights Go Out” sure to be the anthem of summer 2014 and a new album on the way, there’s a whole lot more still to come. But who are the men behind the instruments? Let’s take a look!

Chris Jericho

As a frontman, Chris Jericho is as charismatic as they come. With a stage presence that could make even the most seasoned professionals envious, he can work a crowd like no other. His career in the WWE gave him all the training he needed to whip an audience into a frenzy, but make no mistake, Fozzy is no side project for Chris Jericho. He is the real deal, just ask the hundreds of thousands of fans who keep coming back for more!

Rich Ward

Rich Ward has an impeccable track record within the music industry, most notably for his time in rap/metal band, Stuck Mojo. Numerous other projects followed for the Duke of Metal, but Fozzy is his current priority; a fact made clear by the dedication he shows to his bandmates and fans.You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Rich Ward tearing up the stage, stopping every once in a while to pose for the cameras!

Frank Fontsere

Just like the rest of the boys, Frank Fontsere has been a member of several bands, including Stuck Mojo with Rich Ward, and Soundevice with Billy Grey. He doesn’t just play, he knows how to put on a show! Frank Fontsere is one of the most underrated drummers of recent years, and to hear him live is to know you’re in the presence of true talent.

Billy Grey

Billy Grey joined Fozzy in 2002, then went on to form Soundevice and Dangerous New Machine. He re-joined Fozzy in 2010, and you don’t need to look too hard to see how much he loves being in front of a live crowd of crazy Fozzy fans. Billy Grey performs with a passion that can’t be faked, thriving on on-stage interactions with his bandmates, and giving 100% every single time.

Paul Di Leo

Paul Di Leo has worked with an impressive collection of artists over the years, including Billy Joel, Lauryn Hill and Paul Simon. He’s also been touring with German singer, Nena, since 2001. Paul Di Leo – affectionately known as Pauly D – brings an added dose of fun to the Fozzy live experience, along with his undeniable musical skill and his funky red guitar!

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