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Blame Tim Burton for Batman and Johnny Depp. The macabre filmmaker, turned The Dark Knight into a bonafide franchise and helped make Depp a star. Despite his hit-or-miss output lately, Burton is still noteworthy. Before you see “Miss Peregrine’s”, here’s our ranking of his best (and worst) films.



This is the most baffling of Burton’s superfluous remakes. Not just because of a bananas ending that (unlike the Statue of Liberty reveal in the original 1968 film) makes no sense, but because why did he bother in the first place?Yeah, the monkey make-up looks much better than it did in Charlton Heston’s day, and Burton’s 13-year professional and personal relationship with Helena Bonham Carter began here, but there’s no intelligent life on this “Planet.”



These next three films are virtually tied for “Worst.” By now, Burton’s remakes of properties that didn’t need to be remade are feeling rote and uninspired. So it is with this take on the 1960s-’70s horror-themed soap opera. Depp is all too lifeless as revived vampire Barnabas Collins. The only lively performance comes from Burton’s future “Miss Peregrine” star Eva Green as Angelina, the dangerously volatile witch unhinged by her (inexplicable) love for Barnabas.



They say no one ever leaves a Broadway musical humming the sets, but this film, even more than other Burton spectacles, is entirely about the overwhelmingly lush production design. Johnny Depp gets top billing as the Mad Hatter, but even he is just another colorful decoration. At least this time, Burton’s misunderstood dreamer caught between childhood and adulthood isn’t a guy.


‘BIG FISH’ (2003)

Sure, Burton’s a great cinematic storyteller, but imagine if he were your dad, and you had to live in his world of bizarre whimsy 24/7, and you’ll begin to grasp the frustration and shot nerves that mark Billy Crudup’s character here. Unfortunately, it’s the bizarrely whimsical dad (Ewan McGregor as a young man, Albert Finney as an old man) that you’re supposed to identify with in Burton’s attempt at a male weepie.

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