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In a recent interview, Ranbir confessed that his ex, Katrina Kaif, was ‘one of the most influential people’ in his life. However, when Katrina was asked to comment on his statement, she chuckled and got on with her Dream Team rehearsals.

Kat doesn’t seem too convinced by Ranbir’s answer, and neither are we after Deccan Chronicle‘s latest report. In fact, the publication states that the Bang Bang actor was taken for granted when the pair was together.

A source close to the couple said, “He calls Katrina motivational whereas in reality he took her for granted to a large extent. She put everything including her career on hold for the sake of this relationship and was all set to change her life completely.”

“She stopped signing films and was preparing to become Mrs Ranbir Kapoor. What did she get in return? At the end of their seven-year relationship, Ranbir treated Katrina rather badly and left her in a lurch,” added the source.

After a seven-year relationship, the actor finally gave up on the idea of ever getting married to Ranbir.

While there may be friction in their personal lives, the two stars have not let that affect their careers, case in point: their upcoming film together Jagga Jasoos, which is set to hit cinemas 7th April, 2017. Reportedly, Ranbir is trying to break the tension before their film’s promotion.

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