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Bloomberg Trading Solutions Connectivity & Integration (TSCI) delivers exactly what firms need to create seamless, integrated workflows across your specific IT environment — while minimizing operational risk and total cost of ownership.



The technology stack for asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks and broker dealers requires fluid integration of multiple systems working in convert. Integration and coordination among these systems typically require large movements of data through many separate feeds. Firms want real-time access to the latest, most accurate view of data without the need to maintain feeds or support un-necessary infrastructure. All of these requirements drive firms to look for open, extensible solutions. This is what Bloomberg TSCI helps establish.

Create seamless workflows
Firms can easily integrate internal and external systems directly into Bloomberg-based workflows and deploy them globally over our network to any user with access to the Bloomberg Professional® service.

Minimize operational risk
TSCI delivers integrated global connectivity, data transformation services and business event process management between Bloomberg Trading Solutions’ Order Management Systems, AIM and TOMS, and external client or third-party systems to increase operational efficiency, lower implementation costs and minimize operational risks.

Lower total cost of ownership
By eliminating the need for infrastructure build-outs, version upgrades, continual tuning, and system maintenance, TSCI clients experience a lower total cost of ownership.


TSCI integration specialists work with you to determine how best to connect Bloomberg Trading Solutions applications with in-house and third-party systems. We develop a schedule for simple or phased implementation that aligns with your objectives. Our experienced project managers not only excel at scoping requirements and managing the process, they are skilled in integration and the specific demands of integrating Bloomberg data and data mechanisms.


Bloomberg integration specialists use the following offerings to make sure our hosted trading solutions behave as though they are locally installed:

This hosted middleware, enriches, transforms and manages any feed, including real-time and batch. It provides global connectivity, data enrichment, data transformation services and event process management between our trading solutions and your firm’s internal proprietary systems and external third-party systems.

Trading Solutions Application Development Framework (TS ADF)
A flexible, programmatic API that enables external systems to integrate with our trading solutions in real-time, ensuring data synchronization. It allows access to data from trading applications whenever you need it, and this real-time interface manages both integration and trade data access.

Certified Third-Party Interfaces
Pre-integrated solutions that connect Bloomberg solutions with a growing library of certified third-party systems, ensuring turnkey implementations, seamless upgrade paths and easier support. By eliminating the need for infrastructure build-outs, version and asset class upgrades, continual tuning and system maintenance, Bloomberg’s Certified Third-Party Interfaces help reduce total cost of ownership.

Workflow Adapters
These offerings integrate external systems directly with Bloomberg-driven workflows, allowing you to deploy them globally over our network to Bloomberg Professional® service subscribers. Essentially, this allows firms to construct best-of-breed solutions, create seamless user experiences and support phased migrations when transitioning from other systems.

Trading Solutions Integration Portal (TSIP)
TSIP is a portal/dashboard designed to help firms configure, manage and monitor all of the integration and connectivity points between your Bloomberg OMS and external systems, with options for scheduling, alerts, monitoring, operational control and connectivity configuration of real-time and batch data from Bloomberg.

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