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As an aspiring actor and part-time car park at one of Hollywood’s swankiest nightspots, you have access to the favorite cars of many celebrities. You find this of little solace as you are crushed at one audition after another, but at least you can drive in style – albeit for only 25 seconds at a time. What you’ve noticed in the last year is that celebrities are definitely going green. Eco-friendly cars are hot – maybe they will even cool down the planet!

Hybrid cars are very popular among the glitterati. Of whom do we speak?

  • · Arianna Huffington
  • · Cameron Diaz
  • · Julia Roberts
  • · Leonardo DiCaprio
  • · Billy Joel
  • · Daryl Hannah
  • · David Duchovny

Yep, they have all let me park their hybrids. These folks can afford just about any car, yet they would rather shell out about $25,000 on a Toyota Prius or similar hybrid.

At the other extreme, we have celebs who like high-priced custom cars. These may start out as stock models and then get the celebrity treatment, including custom paint, unique automotive lighting, even the occasional hot tub. If a limousine is not big enough for your supersized ego, try a custom RV or trailer. These behemoths allow top stars and bottom-feeding celebrities to travel in style, whether it’s down Santa Monica Boulevard or across country to the Great White Way. The A-List of custom car owners includes:

  • · Ben Affleck
  • · Jane Fonda
  • · Eddie Murphy
  • · Whoopi Goldberg
  • · Will Smith
  • · Cher
  • · Charlie Sheen

Expensive vehicles are a must when you are strutting your stuff. It is hard to tell whether these cars add status to a celebrity or vice versa. Check out this list:

  • · Brittney Spears shows her stuff in a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ($450,000)
  • · Paris Hilton tootles around in her Bentley ($170,000)
  • · Madonna’s a material girl when riding in her Maybach ($335,250)
  • · Shaq slides into his Rolls Royce Phantom ($328,750)
  • · Lindsay Lohan accumulates tickets in her Mercedes SL65 AMG ($185,000)

Finally, there is the group of Hollywood hot-shots who like rugged, large trucks and SUVs to handle the brutal potholes in L.A. This macho group includes:

  • · Anderson Cooper
  • · Jim Parsons
  • · Frank Ocean
  • · Sara Gilbert
  • · Ricky Martin
  • · Sean Hayes
  • · Meredith Baxter
  • · Clay Aiken
  • · David Hyde Pierce

We should be fair and say that some celebrities drive normal cars. Apparently, some celebs are not interested in flaunting their notoriety in the faces of the adoring American public. We cannot explain or condone this kind of behavior, but there it is.

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