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wordpress-optimus-plugin-resize-imagesOptimus is a WordPress plugin that works automatically once you have installed it. It basically redirects images that you upload to the Smush.it server where they are processed before placed in the WordPress media directory on the server.

This worked well most of the time. Sometimes, the compression server would not respond at all and images as a consequence were not uploaded properly Continue Reading…

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Reduce Page Loading Time With WP-Smush.it

WP-Smush.it download here

A core website metric is the page loading time. It determines the time it takes to fully load a web page. With each passing second, visitors are more likely to close the tab or hit the back button. The page loading time has long evolved, and studies have shown that a faster page loading time increases revenues on a website. And with Google’s inclusion of page loading times as a ranking signal, it can also have influence on a page’s search engine rankings. The importance of optimizing a website’s loading time have therefor become more important Continue Reading…

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wordpress-security-tips-pluginsWordPress powered websites are often target for hackers. Here are the some of the best security plugins and tips to better protect your WordPress blog.

About some months ago, a WordPress blog was hacked. And since other websites like ctrlq.org and hundredzeros.com are hosted on the same web server, the hacker successfully managed to wipe off all these sites from the Internet as well.

The web hosting company says that it could have happened because one of the sites was running an older version of WordPress. The passwords weren’t Continue Reading…

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all-in-one-seo-pack-wordpressThere are many plugins which helps you in optimizing your blog for example Platinum SEO and all in one SEO. I have used Platinum SEO too, but some how I liked All in one SEO more. All in one SEO is an out of box free SEO  plugin which helps you optimize your blog for on site SEO. Saying that, I meant you can configure all meta options and add noindex and nofollow tag sidewide.

Specially, no-indexing part is important, because I’m sure  you would not like Google to index your low quality pages like Tags, search and categories. Infact Continue Reading…

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how to install wordpress themeWordPress does allow you to download and use custom themes for your blog. If you would like to use a different WordPress theme for your blog web site, first of all you will have to download it to your local machine. You can search for a WordPress themes gallery online and download free themes.

To install a WordPress theme, log in to the WordPress Dashboard Continue Reading…

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how to upload images to wordpress postImages are a great way to enhance your WordPress.com blog, and adding and managing them is easy.  If you are Unable to create directory /path/to/uploads/2012/12. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Cause: The ulpoad path has an Continue Reading…

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FCChat connects your web site users with chat, video conferencing, instant messaging and more.


You can now post links in your chat messages. To turn off this feature set allow_links to “no” in the fcchat -> settings page (misc. section).

Version 2.2.13 contains new style templates for sites with darker Continue Reading…

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