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The Exorcist

By far best of this genre ever. Even if you ignore the gruesome special effects, the movie was still superbly acted and directed. Everything else is distant second.M+110

By far the one that stands out. I watched it ONE time and have never watched it again and I’m 42. Other movies about possession don’t bother me, to a point, as much as this one did. Deservedly so, Aliens is in the top 10. Poltergeist (the clown scene) is the still the reason I can’t STAND clowns to this day. IT should be higher as well. Paranormal Activity (1) deserves it’s spot as that movie kept me on the edge of my seat and my wife afraid to sleep at night! JAWS needs to be higher on the list… Great directing, acting, etc. Plus I was afraid to go in the ocean for years after seeing it in the theater! – SociallyxxDistortedM+61

It’s the movie considered by me as the scariest shooted in real style… Awesome oneM+54

Best movie of worldMnew

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Come on people Halloween is the best one out of all the others because Michael Myers is pure evil! You’ll all see what I’m talking about after 08/31/07. Halloween indeed is the creator of all slasher films, if it wasn’t 4 this movie… Nightmare on elm street, friday the 13, and all those so-called “Scariest movies” would not exist! So think again and vote for HalloweenM+52

The slasher genre wouldn’t exist if not for this John Carpenter masterpiece. Watch the original before you judge.M+30

By far the best, honestly I think it surpasses the horror list and goes straight to the list of greatest films of all time. Don’t let the all the sequels and spin-offs tarnish this classic.M+15

Watched this one when I was 14, thought it was boringMnew

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3VoteEThe Shining

This movie is great! People are voting for other movies because there scarier but this is not about being scary, its about being good. And this movie tops the whole list! Other great horror movies are The Exorcist, Black Christmas, High Tension, Halloween, Alien, Evil Dead, A nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Poltergeist, Misery, The Cabin In The Woods, REC, Jaws, Dead Alive, Carrie, An American Werewolf in London and Psycho.M+26

What people don’t realize how great The Shining is looking at the pure horror outlook of it or just looking at how incredible it is nonetheless. People will rip on it and say it was nothing like the book, but every time I watch the shining it just brings me back, it’s like a journey. Not only did it have a suspensive intriguing story, but it had incredible directing by my all time favorite director, Stanley Kubrick, was shot at a really interesting plot, The Stanley Hotel known as the Overlook hotel, and had some incredible actors in it that all did great such as Jack Nicholson, Scatman Crothers, Joe Turkel, and Philip Stone. Now beside from it being in the Horror genre (my favorite), the movie is still one of my all time favorites without question, and when you look at it, all these supernatural and Slasher films don’t stand a chance. – Beatlesboy9M+6

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. ”
“Red rum”
“Come play with us forever and ever and ever. ”
The lady in the bathtub.
The maze.
Do I need another reason? This movie is the type that after you watch it you’re thinking it’s bad but then all of a sudden you’re too afraid to move! Watch it. Now.M+18

Best Horror MovieMnew

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4VoteEA Nightmare on Elm Street

Silence of the Lambs wasn’t even scary to me. I actually laughed at one point. THIS will scare you. You won’t be able to sleep. I had a nightmare with him in it when I LEAST expected. That’s why I’m typing this as a ghost. Or something.M+18

I kept waking up in the middle of the night after watching this movie. –birdechosplashM+7

“The ultimate fear… the fear of going to sleep. – aman28M+20

Because of Freddy I can’t sleep the day I watched “Nightmare on Elm Street” he was very scaryM+13

Great movie scared the hell out of me. After watching the movie I slept with my parents for one week. – feenaMnew

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the great sci fi horror of all time, this movie when it came out, it established that maybe Aliens are not too friendly like E. T.M+27

What’s wrong with this top 10! Straight to DVD films and remakes? And let’s not forget a certain over-appreciated gore franchise that spawned 7 agonizing sequels… Oh yeah Alien is awesome. Best movie monster ever conjured and one of the most suspenseful movies ever made with imagery that haunts to this day.M+6

This list has seem to have forgotten there’s a difference between being the greatest and being the scariest. This movie is great AND it is scary. That is a big enough accomplishment to earn it top five status. – Justintime221M+7

This movie is literally perfectMnew

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AFI’s top horror movie of all time, and it doesn’t even crack the top ten? That’s a problem.M+9

Greatest Horror Movie Of All Time How Could You Question Its Greatness? This Is Greatest Horror Movies Right? “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”…M+6

What the hell such an awesome movie down on 21 it has to be among top 5!M+9

Very nice movieMnew

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7VoteEThe Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs is easily hands down the best horror movie I’ve ever watched. The movie itself doesn’t throw countless buckets of gore at you, so when the movie actually does use gore, they use it very effectively and it can scare you much more. This movie also never had a dull moment in my opinion. The movie is one of the few movies that I can say never gets a bit uninteresting. With the help of genius characters and dialogue, the movie boils a slowly growing feeling of suspense, and that feeling stays for the whole movie. On top of all of this, it doesn’t feel the need to drench you with horror cliches and unoriginal plot points. This movie is a true original. Not only are the plot and characters very twisted and disturbing, but you can also clearly tell the plot was very carefully mapped out and must have took an extreme amount of effort. All these elements put together and you have a cinematic gen and a horror classic that will be remembered for all of eternity.M

Gore and lots of blood is nice, like Evil Dead, Saw, Friday the 13th,…
The best horror movies are those with fewer blood and no gore, like The Shining, It, Alien, Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby,…
Silence of the Lambs is upper-class.
2 terrifying murderers, excellent portrayed by Levine and Hopkins.
Best role of those 2. Lecter is downright scary, while Bill is… Also scary.
Jodie Foster and the rest of the cast were near perfection.
To conclude, the dialogue was excellent.
Silence of the Lambs deserves a top 3 spot.M+11

It won film of the year, no other horror has done that, therefore this is the best. Scary for all the right reasons and a story that has quality, who could ask for more.M+17

It’s not even, inherently, a horror film, but if it doesn’t qualify as “horrifying” then I’m Margaret Thatcher. – BKAllmightyMnew

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It’s ah-may-zing! Who doesn’t want to watch a lot of torture in one movie that has such a great plot if you take the time to watch it?!M+41

Saw is not necessarily the scariest movie, but it is a GREAT movie if you want to see some gore. The story is also very good for it being 7 movies long. The end was such a twist, I loved it. The reverse bear trap was the BEST, its too bad we don’t see it actually work until the second time. This movie deserves to be on the top ten.M+20

Original, Creative, Entertaining, Full of Suspense, Intriguing, Well Acted, Shocking… What else can you ask for in a movie? Also, has one of the greatest villains of all time, and not only villain but character (the amazing Jigsaw). In short, A MASTERPIECE!M+3


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9VoteEThe Thing

One of the most realistically gory and brutal films ever made for 1982 everything look real. Especially when that guys head comes of and starts crawling like a spider that was amazing. Should be number 2 on this list just most people don’t know how gory this film is. – SVGPLAGUEM+7

The greatest film of all time! The special effects are great! I personally think that there isn’t a horror film like it. No one is safe because they don’t trust each other! Definitely watch this!M+7

This movie is the pioneer of the Paranoia genre. Still can’t figure out how people chose E. T over this Movie. anyway the visual effects where 20 years ahead of it’s timeM+6

The built-up paranoia is terrifyingMnew

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10VoteETexas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Okay, most films in the top ten deserve to be there but I’m sorry, this is THE best horror film. It works outside of the horror genre as a film itself. Maybe some films are scarier, but this was revolutionary in it’s time. The makers of this films were daring, this film pushed boundaries and is an absolutely iconic piece of art.M+9

A perfect horror movie. it’s so realistic and shocking. the story feels real and the acting is really great. what I also love about this movie is that there is some truth to it. there are people like Leatherface and his family out in the world, and that we could end up in this situation. and it could be the scariest experience of your entire life.M+4

Could? I think you mean WILL be the scariest experience of your entire life! –happyhappyjoyjoyM+2

This happens to be the best horror movie ever made. I mean almost everyone will be scared of a mental, crazy, chainsaw wielding, man who wears HUMAN skin as a mask and his sadistic family of cannibals! Jeez I certainly thought it was to horrifying to be real but it was (look up Ed Gein) this is a masterpiece directed by Tobe HooperM+3

Gritty, visceral, unrelenting, unforgettable

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10-Most-Expensive-Private-Jets-In-The-World-FB-0There are also documentaries about how unsafe some planes are. Then, there are those other documentaries about the wealthy folks of the world and how their private jets have their own interior designer. I’ve made an agreement with myself that the next time I’m flying, I’m taking a private jet. At least the only problem I’d have then is the jet lag. And no more heavy baggage to lug around— if I can afford to take a private jet Continue Reading…

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Mac-Best-alternatives-to-Time-Machine-to-backup-your-HD-664x374Time Machine is an awesome tool for backing up Mac. Even so, here are 3 other options to have in mind, depending on your needs. Periodically…

Time Machine is an awesome tool for backing up Mac. Even so, here are 3 other options to have in mind, depending on your needs.

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Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport


Coming in at number 10 on Travel Leisure website’s pick of the world’s scariest runways is a perilous airport situated on the small island of Saba.

Although no major tragedies have occurred here, many aviation Continue Reading…

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10.) Japan Post Service
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

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