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Most people start a particular type of business because they enjoy doing that kind of work, and the typical owner of a senior services business is no different. You may find it frustrating that a major portion of your time will be spent on tasks other than doing work for your clients. In fact, it won’t be unusual for you to have days that are extremely busy and you work very hard, but you don’t have interactions with clients.

As a solo operator, expect to spend at least one-fourth of your time on general business management and administration, marketing, purchasing and billing. The bigger your business and the more workers you have, the more time you’ll spend managing them instead of doing the work Continue Reading…

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The odds are daunting for job-hunting college seniors (and their tuition-paying parents). Hiring has been so slow to recover from the recession that more than a third of recent college grads work in positions that don’t require a degree.

That’s not a problem for alumni of College Works Painting, said Matt Stewart, founder and co-CEO. CWP surveys show that, among the roughly 20,000 veterans of his company’s internships, 90% find college-grad-level jobs within three months of graduating, significantly higher than the general population. Continue Reading…

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Bloomberg Trading Solutions Connectivity & Integration (TSCI) delivers exactly what firms need to create seamless, integrated workflows across your specific IT environment — while minimizing operational risk and total cost of ownership.



The technology stack for asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks and broker dealers requires fluid integration of multiple systems working in convert. Continue Reading…

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Setting up your own e-commerce store on the Internet doesn’t need to be that difficult of a process. In fact, you don’t even need any specific coding knowledge of your own nor do you need to outsource to a coder to get your site up and running.

All you need to do is sign up for the service being offered by Wazala. This is a full-featured e-commerce solution that provides your own storefront, complete with an easy to use interface and plenty of robust options, all without ever touching a single line of code. It also comes with some Continue Reading…

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If you have been thinking about what kind of business can you run from home you are not alone. Many people have turned to the internet to find a way to make a living. The good news is that making sure money online has never been easier. With more than a billion people online everyday the ability to reach a large audience with a product or service is a reality. But just because you get online doesn’t mean you are going to make money. You will not only need to have a product or service to sell, you will have to understand how to market that product to be found. Learning what kind of business can you run from home isn’t enough, you will also need to Continue Reading…



As you attempt to make money online coming up with unique ways to do so can make your life much easier. Although there will always competition on the Internet, finding ways to make money that are less competitive is not as hard as it may sound.

1. Writing blog articles may not sound unique yet it is amazing how large of a market this is. The key to make your life easier when becoming a blog writer is to not go after the same pool of customers everyone else is.

For example going to elance.com and bidding on jobs is not the best way to get new customers. Although there are plenty of jobs in freelance site such as this, the competition for the number of jobs available is something Continue Reading…


Once you have a home based business idea you should develop a plan that should lead to the success of the business. The planning is in fact what ensures the business idea, regardless of what nature it is, its successful accomplishment. Success is always founded on careful planning as well as the strategy that is applied with it. This is valid for everything that is associated with success in everyday life, not only the home based business idea.

Once you have decided which of the business ideas is the right Continue Reading…

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