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SAN FRANCISCO: United States safety regulators announced a formal recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone Thursday after a spate of fires led to injuries and property damage — along with a global marketing headache for the South Korean tech giant.

“Because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, I am urging all consumers … to take advantage of this recall right away,” said Elliot Kaye, chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Samsung had already initiated a voluntary recall, but the company has been criticised for not offering clear information about the problem or how it would be resolved.

While speaking with reporters, Kaye appeared to blast Samsung for not coordinating with his agency. “As a general matter it’s not a recipe for a successful recall for a company to go out on its own,” he said, adding that anyone who believes a unilateral effort would be sufficient “needs to have more than their phone checked.“

Samsung has said the problem involves about 2.5 million smartphones worldwide; authorities say that includes about 1 million in the United States.

While the company was previously offering to replace the phones, it will now offer consumers the choice of a replacement or a full refund.

The recall comes as Samsung is locked in a fierce battle with Apple for the attentions of high-end smartphone buyers. Apple just introduced the latest versions of its iPhone, which go on sale Friday.

Samsung had beaten Apple to market with the Note 7 by several weeks. It was drawing favourable reviews for the phone, which started at $850 in the US, before consumers began reporting problems with the battery overheating, sometimes causing fires or explosions.

One family in St. Petersburg, Florida, said a Galaxy Note 7 left charging in their Jeep had caught fire, destroying the vehicle.

Samsung has received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the US, including 26 reports of burns and 55 of property damage, according to the US commission’s website. It said property damage included fires in cars and a garage.

Meanwhile, US aviation safety officials have taken the unusual step of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge the phone during flights, and not to put them in checked bags.

A top Samsung executive in the United States on Thursday apologised to customers and pledged to expedite the recall. “We did not meet the standard of excellence that you expect and deserve,” said Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America, in a video released by the company.

Critics say Samsung didn’t follow commission rules that call for companies to coordinate the handling of recalls with the commission, including the use of joint public announcements, although Baxter said Thursday that his company notified the commission before it announced it would stop selling the Note 7 on Sept. 2.

Samsung announced then that it would replace any Note 7 phones it had sold, with replacements available within a week. But its press releases didn’t tell consumers to stop using the device.

A week later, the company and the commission issued separate statements that urged consumers to stop using the Note 7. At that point, Samsung said it would offer replacement Note 7 devices once the commission had approved them.

Samsung’s statements left many customers confused, said Tuong Nguyen, a tech industry analyst with Gartner, “and that might have an impact on overall consumer confidence, especially since we’re talking about a high-end device, their flagship phone.

“People who bought the phone did so to get the best possible quality and service”, he said, adding that the handling of the recall “kind of seems like a strike on both counts.“

Some purchasers of the Note 7 say they’re willing to try another Samsung device. “I think I would,” said Robert Lerner, a 64-year-old financial consultant who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. “But I’m not going to go get it the first week,” he added, because he wants to make sure there aren’t more problems with the Note 7 replacements.

Brooklyn office worker Joe Franco said he was frustrated, especially after getting conflicting information from his cellphone carrier, Sprint, about how to get a replacement. “I love the phone. It’s an excellent phone. But I’m scared it’s going to explode,” said Franco. The 23-year-old said he’s currently using an old phone borrowed from a friend, which he said was “really impractical.“

Samsung said Note 7 owners who don’t want a refund can choose to get a new Note 7 — which the company now says will be available in the U.S. by Wednesday — or the smaller and cheaper Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge right away, with a refund of the price difference.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Kaye at the consumer safety commission said Note 7 purchasers should check the back of their device for an identifying number, and visit Samsung’s recall website or call a hotline at 1-844-365-6197 to find out if the device needs to be turned in. If so, consumers can take the device back to Samsung or to the phone carrier that sold it.

About 97 percent of phones sold in the US are being recalled.

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SEOUL: Samsung issued a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on Friday, putting sales of the device to a stop after it investigated reports about units with exploding batteries.

The latest addition to the Note series went on sale in some markets, including South Korea and the United States, on Aug 19.

“There have been 35 cases that have been reported globally,” Samsung said in an official statement, adding that it had conducted a thorough inspection with suppliers to identify possible affected batteries in the market.

Units which have already been sold will be replaced by the company in the next few weeks, Samsung said.

Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone were delayed in South Korea this week for extra quality control testing. The move came after reports that batteries in some of the jumbo smartphones exploded while they were being charged.

Citing an unnamed company official, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency said Samsung’s investigation found that faulty batteries caused the phone to catch fire.

Koh Dong-jin bows at a news conference in Seoul after announcing the voluntary recall ─ AP
Koh Dong-jin bows at a news conference in Seoul after announcing the voluntary recall ─ AP

Yonhap News said five or six explosions were reported by consumers. It cited pictures of severely damaged phones shared in local online communities, social media and YouTube. The photos and accounts could not be immediately verified.

There were no confirmed reports of any injuries.

The number of the Galaxy Note 7 phones with a faulty battery accounts for “less than 0.1 per cent” of the products in the market and Samsung is discussing how to resolve the issue with Verizon and its other partners, the official told Yonhap.

The battery issue is a fresh blow to Samsung’s smartphone business that has been on a recovery track.

Samsung reported stellar earnings that beat market expectations in the latest quarter and its stock price was at a record high before the Note 7’s battery problems dented investor sentiment. Samsung’s share rose 0.8pc early Friday. The stock closed 2pc lower in the previous session.

Despite the investigation in South Korea, Samsung went ahead with its scheduled launch Thursday of the Galaxy Note 7 in China.

It is unusual for Samsung to confirm a delay in sales of a device, and rare for it to cite a quality issue.

“Every year, there have been accidents of battery explosions but it is the first time that six or seven cases happened within such a short period after the launch of a new product,” said Ha Joon-doo, an analyst at Shinhan Investment Corp.

The Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is the latest iteration of Samsung’s Note series that feature a giant screen and a stylus.

The Note series smartphones are one of the most expensive lineups released by Samsung and usually inherit designs and features of the Galaxy S series that debut in the spring. Samsung also added an iris scanner to the Note 7, which lets users unlock the phone by detecting patterns in the eyes.

Even before the issue of battery explosions emerged, supplies were not keeping up with higher-than-expected demand for the smartphone.

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SEOUL: Better-than-expected demand for Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s new Galaxy Note 7 is causing supply constraints globally, the South Korean tech giant said on Wednesday, suggesting strong initial sales for the new premium smartphone.

While robust demand could help deliver another solid quarter of earnings, Samsung also risks missing out on potential sales if it cannot boost supply quickly. Rivals such as Apple Inc are poised to launch new phones which could pull customers away from Samsung if a shortage persists.

“As pre-order results for the Galaxy Note 7 have far exceeded our estimates, its release date in some markets has been adjusted,” Samsung told Reuters in a statement without commenting on where launch delays could occur.

Production problems for the curved displays for the Galaxy S6 edge phone resulted in disappointing sales last year, and some investors fear a repeat if the world’s top smartphone maker does not move quickly to meet Note 7 demand.

Samsung shares were down 2 per cent as of 0339 GMT Wednesday after hitting a record high on Tuesday, while the broader market was down 0.3pc.

Samsung said it was trying to boost production at the secret locations where the Notes are made, and aimed to meet demand “as early as possible”. It gave no further details.

A person familiar with the matter told Reuters there was no production issue for the curved screens used on the Galaxy Note 7 and that the shortage would not be a long-term problem.

“The party got more visitors than Samsung expected, so they just need to put more food out,” said Nomura analyst C.W. Chung, who said the supply situation was not a major risk given that Samsung made key parts such as displays and chips in-house.

Samsung could sell as many as 15 million Galaxy Note 7 phones this year, Chung said, compared with an estimated 9 million Galaxy Note 5 phones sold last year.

The phone went on sale on Aug. 19 in countries including the United States and South Korea, where it retails for $882.

Samsung hopes it helps maintain sales and earnings momentum in the second half. Some analysts raised their profit forecasts for Samsung after the phone received favourable reviews.

“There could be a temporary issue but Samsung has almost never had prolonged production misses,” said IBK Asset Management fund manager Kim Hyun-su, adding that the share price decline appeared to be profit-taking after a recent rally.

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The company will deliver 12,500 Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition smartphones and Gear Icon Xwireless earbuds to all participating Olympians.

“Sports are all about an individual’s relentless journey of challenging complacency, and the Olympic Games are the ultimate global celebration of the progress and achievement of athletes, countries and their fans coming together to unite the world,” Younghee Lee, executive vice president of global marketing and mobile communications business at Samsung, said in a statement.

The otherwise-black handset incorporates splashes of all five official colors of the Olympic Rings: the front speaker and Home button are outlined in yellow, the volume rocker is green, the power button painted red, and the rear camera and flash are framed by blue.

The hues also feature prominently in the user interface: Look for the primary colors on the home and lock screens; message, dial, and contact screens; and notification bar.


“This will enable the athletes to connect with their friends, family, and fans and share their amazing experience at the Olympic Games,” International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said of Samsung’s giveaway.

Fight Crime With the Batman-Themed Galaxy S7 Edge

You don’t have to be an top-notch athlete to add the themed gadget to your Olympic collection. You will, however, have to move as fast as Usain Bolt. Samsung is creating a limited number of Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition handsets, which will be available beginning July 18 in Brazil, the US, China, Germany, and Korea.

Fans, meanwhile, are invited to the interactive Samsung Galaxy Studios in the Olympic Park, as well as locations around Rio, Sao Paulo, and other Brazilian cities. Visitors will go hands on with virtual reality, collect Olympic Games pins, and test Samsung products.

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Samsung Gear fitThe Gear Fit was designed to wear not only while you’re working out, but for whatever situation you’re in, day or night. Its curved display contours comfortably to your wrist, while interchangeable bands..

Ready for Anything

Wear it wherever you go. The Gear Fit is dustproof and water-resistant*, and weighs only 27 grams, so you’ll hardly notice it’s on your wrist. It was also designed to run up to three full days on a single charge.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Price in Pakistan, Spec & Reviews. Samsung Presents Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, is the tab for what you were looking for, has almost everything 3.5mm jack , Card slot microSD, up to 64 GB and internal memory 16 GB, 1.5 GB RAM, support GPS, java, Bluetooth, Wifi and micro USB, the primary camera is 3.15 MP with auto focus and secondary is 1.3 MP, Runs Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat), has Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor , available in two different colors like White, Black.Packed with Non-removable Li-Po 6800 mAh battery Average rating is 4.3 stars, based on 10 reviews.

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What’s Hot: Stunning display, removable battery, microSD card slot, fingerprint scanner that works well, very good camera with 4K video recording.

What’s Not: Still plastic, TouchWiz is improved but still walks all over Android.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of those phones that hardly needs an introduction. Like the iPhone and HTC One series, it’s a flagship smartphone that gets plenty of attention… and sales. Samsung sells hundreds of millions of Galaxy phones each year, and the Galaxy S5 will be available on all major and many smaller carriers around the globe. Also like most recent smartphones, the fifth generation Galaxy S offers small improvements and a few new features rather than revolutionary change.


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