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NEW DELHI: The entity offering the lowest cost of intermediation and transportation will be allowed to take over the stock, although it is not clear how the government intends to ensure that the benefit of lower prices is passed on to consumers.

While the modalities are being firmed up, sources said procurement will remain with government agencies and the new entity will be responsible for managing and marketing the stock of pulses.

The government has approved creating  ..

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FOX has canceled Almost Human, causing a flurry of fan-created “save” campaigns to pop up, including a petition with over 10,000 signatures after only a week online. The show had a consistent viewership of over 6 million people, but that just wasn’t enough to keep the series on the air. There have been quite a few popular fantasy shows lately, but very few popular sci-fi shows. This has always been the case. Can it ever change? Continue Reading…

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I have been in charge of social media accounts for my business for many years. At first, I found managing comments, concerns, and questions on social media to be difficult. It’s overwhelming to get bombarded with messages every day, and a careless response to a customer can spell trouble. Here’s what I learned about social media that no one ever told me. Continue Reading…

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Many new marketers fail to start because they are not sure how to promote a new website.

How To Promote A New Website - A Step By Step GuideSo today I’m going to show you step by step what I normally do when I start a new website.

Before listing down the step by step instructions, I need to clarify that what I’m doing is to promote 15 to 40 pages Adsense website or product review website. It can be a static site or a blog.

“Why is it important to clarify on this?” You may Continue Reading…

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backlink-tutorialBaclink is important in terms of SEO of the blog. More the backlinks more the credibility of the blog. But there are more and more factors involves in the deciding factors of SEO.Lets discuss one by one. But before discussing this lets discuss what actually the backlink is.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that directed towards your website or a blog.Backlinks are also known as inbound links. Backlinks are important in terms of SEO Continue Reading…

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all-in-one-seo-pack-wordpressThere are many plugins which helps you in optimizing your blog for example Platinum SEO and all in one SEO. I have used Platinum SEO too, but some how I liked All in one SEO more. All in one SEO is an out of box free SEO  plugin which helps you optimize your blog for on site SEO. Saying that, I meant you can configure all meta options and add noindex and nofollow tag sidewide.

Specially, no-indexing part is important, because I’m sure  you would not like Google to index your low quality pages like Tags, search and categories. Infact Continue Reading…

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very influential tool in the world of website promotion. It is a tool used in order to increase a websites visibility in terms of search engine. This is determined by the website’s rank that increases a site’s visitors which results in more income. Although this is a very useful tool, many are unaware of how to use SEO for web promotion properly. Here are ten tips for SEO website promotion Continue Reading…

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