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Guerrilla Games surprised and intrigued many when it debuted its new franchise, Horizon Zero Dawn, at E3 in 2015. The Dutch developer is best known for its work on the Killzone franchise, but after toiling on that series for over a decade, decided it was time to change things up. Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world action/RPG starring a fierce redhead named Aloy. She must survive in a post-post apocalyptic world where machines have taken over and humans are living in a primitive state at the bottom of the food chain. We traveled to Guerrilla Games’ studio in Amsterdam to find out how Horizon Zero Dawn became a reality and why the team wanted to try a new genre. Continue Reading…

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The world’s largest social network aims to put fewer promoted Pages in front of users — essentially nudging page owners to place ads.

Want to promote something on Facebook? Buy an ad.

That’s the logical conclusion for businesses after the social network said it will reduce the number of “promotional” messages showing up in users’ information streams, known as News Feeds. Continue Reading…

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Artificial intelligence is being talked about everywhere again, from the movie “Transcendence” toGoogle acquiring the technology for possible later use in their search engines. And while we still analyze Siri regularly, plenty of other artificial intelligence apps exist out there that are being touted as being as smart or smarter. One of those right now is an AI app called Cleverbot that claims to be able to converse like a real, intelligent person. Continue Reading…

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The equivalent of taking a tangible document, sprinkling it with salt, and eating it whole seems to be here in the digital world. While you still hear some tales of people eating a piece of paper containing information they don’t want read, you have to wonder what happens after in digesting those documents. Continue Reading…

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Adobe has released a series of top priority security updates for Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat on Windows and Mac . They fix a serious security…

Adobe has released a series of top priority security updates for Flash PlayerReaderand Acrobat on Windows and Mac . They fix a serious security flaw that could allow a malicious attacker to take control of your operating system. Continue Reading…

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A reliable source has leaked evidence of upcoming Microsoft products. Most interesting are Windows 9, Windows 365, Office 2015 and Windows 8.1…

A reliable source has leaked evidence of upcoming Microsoft products. Most interesting are Windows 9Windows 365Office 2015 and Windows 8.1 Update 2. The information comes from a screenshot, although its origins are unclear. Continue Reading…

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